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Try Laid-Back Linen For The Laid-Back Dad In Your Life

Father’s Day is just a few short weeks away, and you have yet to find the perfect gift for Dad. You’ve already exhausted your options with books, golfing accessories, and...

Father’s Day is just a few short weeks away, and you have yet to find the perfect gift for Dad. You’ve already exhausted your options with books, golfing accessories, and thoughtful cards over the years — it’s time to shop men’s fashion.

If your dad is the cool, calm, and collected type, then you’ll need high-quality men’s dress shirts that are just as cool as he is. When you shop men’s fashion with Stone Rose, this is possible! We have Father’s Day shirts for every dad’s personality, including your dad who is chill as can be. For your laid-back dad, we recommend our new linen (in a short-sleeve and long-sleeve style), which is every bit as cool as he is. Keep reading to learn more, and then check out our new arrivals for more inspiration for Father’s Day gifts.   

Who Your Dad Is

Yours is the dad who never missed a performance, game, recital, or anything else that was important to you while growing up. He may have been quieter than usual in loud social settings, but you always knew you could count on him to support you — and even to make you look cool. In fact, your friends didn’t mind at all when your dad ended up wherever you were; they all liked hanging out with him just as much as you did.

Now, your dad is approaching retirement and is just as cool as ever. It’s time for him to ditch the cargo shorts and old printed tees, though — shop men’s fashion to find him high-quality men’s dress shirts that will feel just as comfortable as those tees (and look undeniably better).

Why This Shirt Matches His Cool, Laid-Back Personality

Our new crisp linen and cotton blend in fitted shirts for men is just as comfortable as it sounds. If your dad is easy like a Sunday morning, then his shirt should be, too. Here’s what sets these quality dress shirts apart:

  • Fresh pastel blue - Blue is classified as a cool color, so we’re willing to hazard a guess that your dad wears a lot of blue anyway. The fresh pastel blue on these men’s summer tops will be easy to match and add to his cool blue vibe.
  • Lightweight and breathable - Men’s summer clothing should keep your dad cool as the temperature heats up — and that’s exactly what you can expect with these quality dress shirts. Handling the summer heat and humidity will be a breeze with the breathable, light woven fabric.
  • Long-sleeve and short-sleeve options - Whether you opt for both for Dad or only choose one of these men’s summer tops, it’s nice to have options. The short-sleeve style features subtle, fun polka dots and the long-sleeve style boasts a gentle woven look.
  • Statement trim - Your dad is calm and cool — not boring. What truly sets this high-quality men’s dress shirt apart is the statement trim for when your dad cuffs the sleeves (which you knowwww he’s going to do). The contrasting fabric is our ever-popular tropical flower print in navy blue.
  • Casual band collar - He doesn’t want to mess with collars that won’t stay down or that feel restricting, but he still wants to look professional and stylish. Our casual band collar is the solution. You’ll be seeing it in men’s summer fashion trends, and Dad will be comfortable as can be.

The color, materials, variety, statement trim, and collar all add up to one thing: an effortlessly cool look Dad will love. In fact, we’re sure he’ll love it so much that he’ll be trying to wear it year-round and not just in the warm spring and summer months. Shop men’s fashion with Stone Rose, and you’ll always have the right Father’s Day gifts for Dad and the best quality dress shirts for you.

Shop Men’s Fashion With Stone Rose Today

Your dad has helped you become the person you are today. Buying him a high-quality men’s dress shirt from Stone Rose certainly doesn’t make it even, but it’s a start. When you shop men’s fashion with Stone Rose, you’ll have the best options for helping your dad feel and look just as cool and comfortable as ever. Be sure to check out our new arrivals while you’re here to see if anything else is right for him (or for you — we won’t judge)!

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With the help of Stone Rose, you can order a gift that’s just right. Shop men’s fashion today!
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