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Find Sophisticated Men's Clothing For Dad This Year

Father’s Day is just under a month away — do you have Dad’s gift yet? In the past few years, you’ve gifted him golfing accessories, books, and framed pictures. Take...

Father’s Day is just under a month away — do you have Dad’s gift yet?

In the past few years, you’ve gifted him golfing accessories, books, and framed pictures. Take it up a notch this year with sophisticated men’s clothing he’ll love. Here at Stone Rose, we have the high-quality men’s dress shirts we know you’re looking for. If your dad is a fashion guru, workaholic, or simply likes to look nice and pulled together, then our sophisticated men’s clothing is just right.

Keep reading below to learn more about four different collections of quality men’s clothing that could be just right for Dad this year — and check out our new arrivals today!


Your dad is a discerning gentleman who always looks his very best in sophisticated men’s clothing — but he also likes to be comfortable. With our Technical Collection, that’s easier than ever! Here’s what distinguishes our T-Series:

  • Odor-blocking
  • Moisture-wicking
  • 4-way stretch
  • Breathable
  • Low-shrinkage
  • Wrinkle-resistant
  • Quick-dry
  • Durable

With all the features listed above, you might be expected to look at a workout shirt. However, these high-quality men’s dress shirts are as stylish and well-designed as you can imagine! They feel comfortable and well-fitting while also looking professional. These are the stylish dress shirts for your dad if he’s always on the go and working hard.

Short-Sleeve Shirts

Whether he’s cracking dad jokes or simply likes to be cool and comfortable come summertime, short-sleeve, button-up shirts could be just right for this Father’s Day. Our collection of short-sleeve shirts features everything you could think of — from bold to neutral prints and bright to muted colors, we have the diverse array of options you’re looking for when you buy dress shirts online.

Check out our blog posts on short-sleeved young professionals clothing and trending prints in sophisticated men’s clothing to get inspired for this Father’s Day gift for your dad.

Long-Sleeve Shirts

It’s the standard (classy) dad outfit: a nice, long-sleeve, button-up shirt tucked into jeans or chinos.

Whether your dad isn’t afraid to incorporate colors and patterns or he needs a little help to diversify this style a bit, high-quality men’s dress shirts from Stone Rose can do the job. There’s nothing wrong with this style — it’s a classic and we love it! But sometimes, it takes a little more attention to detail, and that’s what our men’s clothing boutique offers.

Our collection of long-sleeve shirts features unique patterns, two- or four-way stretch, breathable materials, intriguing prints … and the list goes on and on. Whether you can’t get Dad away from the blue plaid or you think he would be open to a more modern, bold style, he’s sure to love these stylish dress shirts.

Polo Shirts

Ahhhh, the polo: the unsung hero of men’s fashion.

We truly believe polos are one of the best items to add to your closet, and their history is just as rich as their style. Whether your dad is an avid golfer or not, our high-quality polo shirts will fit the bill — and our luxury polo shirts certainly qualify as sophisticated men’s clothing.

They’re comfortable, stylish, crisp and professional, breathable, and unique. From superior breathability and comfort to unique contrast details and trim, our collection of quality polo shirts will be clothing your dad wants to wear day in and day out — whether he’s on the green or not.

Shop For Sophisticated Men’s Clothing Today

Your dad is equal parts funny and sophisticated — yet his wardrobe needs options that are 100% sophisticated. With Stone Rose, you can make it happen this Father’s Day! Shop with us today for sophisticated men’s clothing your dad will love. In fact, we’re sure he’ll love it so much that you’ll actually see him use it throughout the year (which can’t be said of all the Father’s Day gifts you’ve gotten him over the years).

Before you know it, everyone will be asking your dad where to buy men’s clothes! When you shop with us for high-quality men’s dress shirts and other sophisticated men’s clothing, you’ll help your dad find his fashionable side. Shop with us today and check out our new arrivals!
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