Stone Rose Clothing

Stone Rose Clothing for the Discerning Gentleman

How you choose to dress yourself and make your personal statement every day is a sophisticated mixture of class, elegance, expressionism and refinement. The gentleman inside of you can often peek out but be confined by clothing that doesn't properly suit your stature or best characterize your fashion aesthetics. With Stone Rose clothing, you can be assured that the inner you is represented in the outer garb you choose to wear. Flatter them when appropriate. Wow them when it's proper. And most importantly, be discerning in your approach to life and self-expressionism. With our array of custom created, hand-designed shirts, polos and blazers—you won't have make anymore guesses as to what you'll wear each day.

Designer Men's Shirts

Stone Rose clothing is designed with you and your unrivaled tastes in mind. The one-of-kind craftsmanship of our luxury dress shirts is noticeable – and feel-able – from the moment that you put one on. Designed for all sizes and shapes, the slim-cut silhouettes tailor to the custom a fitted shirt you've always wanted, ideal for informal, semi-formal or formal occasions.

Custom Fitted Polos

Unwind and be the most fashionable active gentleman that you can be with our wide selection of custom fitted shirts. Incorporating a palette of colors imbued on rich, hand-selected fabrics that truly make them multifarious in their application. Indulge in the contrast top pleating and modish cuffs and collars. Separate yourself from ordinary by being extraordinary with your polo shirt from Stone Rose.

Blazers for the Gentleman

Timeless looks, undeniable couture and a feel that can't be rivaled is the moniker of our signature blazer collection. Made for the casual gent on the go or the busy man at the office – and nearly everything in between – our signature collection is updated each year to reflect our season's offerings. Custom fitted, hand-created and impeccably designed with the discerning gentleman in mind.

Bringing out the inner gentleman in you is effortless when you have the proper attire to truly express yourself. With the trademark selection of signature Stone Rose clothing, now you can easily do so. No longer do you have to wonder what's in your wardrobe. Rather, you'll face the most inflicting decision of them all… which clothing to wear out of the array of wonderfulness that besets your eyes.