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4 Trending Prints In Sophisticated Men's Clothing

This spring, we’re rolling out some exciting new prints and styles that we’re sure you’ll love, whether you’re running the show at the office or you’re running errands around town....

This spring, we’re rolling out some exciting new prints and styles that we’re sure you’ll love, whether you’re running the show at the office or you’re running errands around town. Here at Stone Rose, we’re your go-to source for sophisticated men’s clothing.

We provide high-quality men’s dress shirts, but we also use our blog as a resource for you. Whether you need tips for rocking a pocket square, want to know the sophisticated men’s clothing items every man needs, or you need to know how to wear men’s spring looks, we’re here for you. In today’s blog, we’re going to discuss four trending prints no one can seem to get enough of this spring — our stylish dress shirts with these prints are flying off the shelves! Read below to get inspired for your spring look, and then shop with Stone Rose today for sophisticated men’s clothing.


What’s spring without a tropical print? When you buy dress shirts online, think to yourself: could I wear this on my vacation or spring break this year? If so, then you’ve found the shirt you’re looking for! We’re really feeling tropical prints this year. They’re fun to rock in the office, and they’re the first shirts you should throw in your suitcase when you’re about to jet off to an ocean view.

Check out our floral, fish, blue palm tree, bird, and gray palm tree short-sleeve, button-up shirts to find the tropical print that has you using PTO for an upcoming cruise.


You’ll be plaid as can be when you browse our high-quality men’s dress shirts that feature bold plaid patterns in fresh spring colors. Here at Stone Rose, though, our quality dress shirts are about more than simply style. We celebrate our style by making sure all of our men’s dress attire is long-lasting and comfortable. Whether you choose our navy check or pink check long-sleeve, button-up shirts, you’ll love the fit, comfort, and durability in each.


No matter whether the print is bold or subtle, people can’t seem to get enough of our geometric prints. Sophisticated men’s clothing should feature patterns that work with a variety of styles, and that’s just what our geometric prints do. In fresh, crisp spring colors, you can’t go wrong with our high-quality men’s dress shirts with geometric prints.

Some of our favorites include this red fitted dress shirt, purple short-sleeve shirt with a cross print, blue geometric print shirt with some 3D flair, and bold navy short-sleeve with a hexagonal print.


A ditsy print is considered a small-scale, all-over pattern that has a bit of a “random” look, meaning it’s not linear or geometric. Here at Stone Rose, our sophisticated men’s clothing is full of ditsy prints, and we don’t think you’ll mind! A ditsy print allows you to express your personal style without being overwhelming or inappropriate in a work setting. Check out our navy, long-sleeve ditsy print or our new mushroom print short-sleeve in bright purple. When you buy dress shirts online from Stone Rose, you can depend on us for both quality and style.

Shop For Sophisticated Men’s Clothing Today

Whether you’re looking for high-quality men’s dress shirts, men’s fitted sweaters, or more, Stone Rose has you covered — in style. Our men’s clothing boutique is full of men’s dress attire and men’s office clothes so you can always find a style that matches your personality and professional needs. Shop our new arrivals today to find high-quality men’s clothing for this spring! If you buy a dress shirt online with one of these four prints, then you’re sure to be in style all season long.
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