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7 Sophisticated Men’s Clothing Items Every Man Needs

Tired of the same, drab old outfit you wear to work every day? Don’t think that outfit is doing you any favors at the bar? If so, it’s time to...

Tired of the same, drab old outfit you wear to work every day? Don’t think that outfit is doing you any favors at the bar?

If so, it’s time to upgrade your wardrobe and opt for sophisticated men’s clothing. You’ll feel more confident and look more stylish, so what are you waiting for? Stone Rose offers quality men’s clothing you’ll love, from stylish dress shirts to sports coats for men. You’ll obviously need more than one of each of these items, but this list is a good start to a sophisticated wardrobe.

Basic T-Shirt

Whether it’s a white crew neck T-shirt, gray V-neck tee, or black long sleeve henley, your wardrobe won’t be complete until you have it (or, better yet, all three and then some). You can no longer depend on those soft tees from department stores — they stretch out, fade, and don’t fit you correctly. Invest in higher quality basic tees that will last; you can even pair them with suit jackets for a casual office look.

Polo Shirt

We can’t ever seem to sing enough praises about men’s fashion polo shirts. And there’s a reason: they’re versatile, comfortable, colorful, and fit you well.

You can rock it as part of a casual suit look, wear it when you’re unsure of how fancy or casual an event is, or look pulled together while you’re simply running around town. All of our polo shirts online are high quality and will fit you perfectly, and we have lots of colors, patterns, and styles available.

Button-Down Shirt

Chances are high you already have some button-down shirts in your closet — it’s a man’s go-to after all. But is it a stylish dress shirt? Is it high quality? Fitted shirts for men should be just that — fitted.

When you’re adding sophisticated men’s clothing to your wardrobe, you’ll want a few variations of button-down shirts: neutral, colored, and patterned, with both long sleeve and short sleeve options. This should take you through seasons and trends easily while turning up the class in your closet.


Sure, you don’t need a vest every day. But when the occasion does arise, you’ll be grateful you already have a sophisticated button vest to up your style game. And who knows? Maybe once you have it you’ll find more occasions to wear your vest.

A wool texture vest should do the trick for most events, and it’s wise to stick with a fun neutral like charcoal or navy, but burgundy is even a good option.

Two-Piece Suit

No man’s wardrobe is complete without a tailored two-piece suit. If you get one in a light color and one in a dark, then you’ll be set for any event, job, or night out that’s coming your way. Don’t worry about the neutral color; let the rest of your outfit mix it up with colorful pocket squares, patterned dress shirts, statement shoes, or even fun designer socks.

Suit Jacket

Outside of your two-piece suit, you’ll need a dressy or business casual blazer to elevate your style. You can always go with a neutral, but you can also use the suit jacket from your two-piece suit for a casual suit look with jeans.

Instead, go bold here! Opt for a patterned suit jacket, tweed jacket, or velvet blazer. You’ll make a stylish statement when you rock the look; it’s unique, sophisticated, and slightly eccentric — just perfect for cooler fall days.

Tailored Pants

No man who loves sophisticated men’s clothing should be walking around in pants that are too tight or too loose. If your body’s proportions don’t love the standard cuts, get your pants tailored! Your sophisticated look from the neck down will unravel if your pants don’t fit properly.

As far as a few staples for your closet, you should own some classy, dark-wash jeans, some light chinos, and, of course, dress pants.

Today’s blog post only covered the sophisticated men’s clothing items you should own; we didn’t even get into accessories likes shoes, ties, pocket squares, belts, wallets, cufflinks, and more. When you need to buy dress shirts online or buy men’s suits, we hope you think of Stone Rose — we have quality men’s clothing and the style tips you need to rock the look.

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