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5 Style Tips For Rocking A Pocket Square

If you were to make a list of sophisticated men’s clothing items out there, what would come to mind? A fitted blazer and luxury dress shirts would certainly be at...

If you were to make a list of sophisticated men’s clothing items out there, what would come to mind? A fitted blazer and luxury dress shirts would certainly be at the top of the list — right there with designer pocket squares.

Wearing a pocket square is a matter of art, not science. And, sadly, it’s an art that’s largely been lost in a lot of sophisticated men’s clothing. If you’re interested in making the pocket square work for you and your personal style, read our blog today for five tips, and then be sure to check out designer pocket squares from Stone Rose!

Mix It Up

Your tie and your pocket square shouldn’t ever be the same pattern; nor should your fitted dress shirt and your pocket square. The point of a designer pocket square is to add visual interest to your men’s dress attire with color, pattern, or material. Wearing a pocket square that matches perfectly won’t let that happen. It’s good for it to correspond, though, so choose a color from your outfit and incorporate it into your pocket square.

Start With The Essentials

Before you go for that out-there designer pocket square that you’re convinced is perfection in a pocket, consider how often you’ll actually wear it. At least as you’re starting your collection of sophisticated men’s clothing, you’ll want to start with the basics. In the case of pocket squares, this could mean initially prioritizing plain colors and perennially popular patterns before that one that may only be trendy for a season.

Keep It Clean

Resist the urge to wipe your hands, nose, or anything else on your pocket square throughout the day. Sure, they may have originally been designed for utility, but they’re much more for show now. Touching it throughout the day could lead to stains, unkempt edges, and messed-up folds. Especially as you start out with crisp, white, designer pocket folds, make sure you’re doing it justice by not making it dirty throughout the day.

Experiment With Folds

There are so many different folds out there! And, truth be told, you really can’t go wrong. The square fold (also known as the presidential fold) is a tried-and-true classic. Think of Don Draper and you’re thinking of this fold.

Outside of that classic fold, there are the one-, two-, and three-point folds or the casual fold that are all fairly basic and easy to do with a quick YouTube tutorial. The options don’t end there though! Whether you’re going for the reverse puff, the rose, or some other option, your designer pocket square will command attention.

Be Confident

The fifth and final tip: be confident! Whether you mess up the fold a tad or aren’t sure that it matches just right, confidence is key. And we’ll go ahead and let you in on a little secret: pocket squares are so unutilized in men’s fashion at times that any man you meet will likely be both impressed and a bit jealous of your ability to rock a pocket square. Besides, with these five tips it isn’t that difficult!

If you’re looking to buy dress shirts online, buy men’s suits, or want to get the accessories to make your quality men’s clothing pop (ahem, a pocket square), then you can’t go wrong with Stone Rose. We offer high-quality men’s clothing you, your coworkers, and your significant other will all love. Even better, some of our favorite sophisticated men’s clothing will be seeing huge discounts soon with our Black Friday sale. Find quality dress shirts, designer pocket squares, and more today.

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