3 Reasons Polo Shirts Are One Of The Best Items To Add To Your Closet

Whether you’re making your way in the corporate world, working out of a home office, or you’re a dad at home with kids, high-quality polo shirts should be your go-to clothing option. Here at Stone Rose, we believe in men’s fashion that both looks great and is functional.

Meet the polo.

We can hardly sing enough praises about this shirt — it’s got the fit, fabric, and function that we love — but we’ve managed to condense it all into one blog post for you. When you’re looking for quality, fitted shirts for men, think of Stone Rose polo shirts.

They’re Versatile

Long gone are the days of throwing on an ill-fitting polo shirt and calling it good. Also gone are the days of popping your collar and calling it cool.

Welcome to men’s fashion polo shirts in 2018.

One of the reasons we love polo shirts so much is that they’re versatile.

By Style

When you shop men’s fashion, we’re not sure there’s any shirt out there as versatile as a white polo shirt. Even if you’re adding in other colors, the versatility is immense. There’s a whole range of men’s styles you can explore.

  • Casual: Combine a high-quality polo shirt with a nice pair of shorts and say, “Hellooooo, summer.” You can dress this up more by tucking in your shirt or doing a French tuck. Flip-flops or sandals are great for a casual look, or dress it up further with a nice pair of boat shoes.
  • Dressy Casual: Switch out the shorts for a pair of dark-wash jeans, and you’re ready for a night out on the town! Again, dress this up or down with your shoes or with how you tuck in your shirt.
  • Business Casual: Switch out the jeans for a nice pair of chinos, and you’re in luck. “Casual Friday” is basically code for “Chinos Friday,” but you can make your polo and chinos pop by having them fit just right.
  • Dressy: Yes — the beloved polo can even work with a dressy style. Wear it with your favorite dress pants, tuck it in, and get ready for compliments. You can even pair it with a sports blazer or another layer to elevate the look further.

By Season

The high-quality polo shirt isn’t even limited by seasons! Whether you’re looking for men’s summer clothing, men’s spring looks, men’s fall shirts, or even men’s casual winter fashion, your best bet is still to find polo shirts online.

  • Layers: In the fall and winter, you can layer a sweater over your favorite polo, pair it with a cardigan, or mix it with a nice business casual blazer.  
  • Sleeves: Stone Rose shirts include both short and long sleeve polo shirts. This means whether it’s winter, spring, summer, or fall, you can continue to rock your favorite style with ease.

They’re Comfortable

When you shop men’s fashion, we know there’s a major aspect on your mind: comfort.

Luckily for you, polo shirts are about as comfortable as they come! Fitted shirts for men can sometimes be restricting or uncomfortable, but that’s not the case with high-quality polo shirts from Stone Rose. They’ll fit you great while still being breathable, stretchy, and soft.

They’re Colorful

Sure, we love the white polo shirt as much as the next guy. But why not opt for turquoise, peach, or pink polo shirt? Men’s high-end fashion means bringing color into your wardrobe. If you’re bound and determined to have a white polo shirt, choose one with some color on the collar. You won’t be popping your collar, but the collar will certainly pop regardless.

Convinced of the versatile beauty of high-quality polo shirts yet? Shop for polo shirts online with Stone Rose today.


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