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5 Father's Day Presents For The New Dad

The new dad is a rare breed: he operates on little sleep, works with his partner to keep the little one happy, and gets to work on time most days...

The new dad is a rare breed: he operates on little sleep, works with his partner to keep the little one happy, and gets to work on time most days (with the help of lots of coffee and sometimes with spit-up on his shirt).

This Father’s Day is his first — and you need to be ready with the perfect Father’s Day gift for new dads. Stone Rose has you covered. Of course, our high-quality men’s clothing, including young professionals clothing, is just right. In today’s blog, though, we’re going to discuss several gifts you could get the new dad in your life. Whether you’re his partner, parent, or parent-in-law, we’re sure these gifts will inspire you. And be sure to check out our young professionals clothing while you’re here! Our fitted shirts for men are just right for all the men in your life — not just new dads.

A Slow Cooker

This may seem like a random gift for the man who’s always seen wearing men’s business wear and darting off to the office — but, remember: he’s a dad now. In fact, he’s a dad who is probably going to take his meal prep more seriously than ever before. He won’t be going out with coworkers for a bite after work for a while, and he’ll be busy admiring his little one when he gets home from work. A slow cooker can simplify meal prep and planning for him — and there are even options for Wi-Fi slow cookers so he can control it from work!

Camera Accessories

Let us guess: you’ve received countless photos at this point from the new dad in your life — and all the photos are of his favorite new baby! Help him take his #dadstagram to the next level with either a new camera or accessories for his smartphone camera. You’ll maybe even get more photos of the new baby — and is there anything wrong with that? This is the gift that keeps on giving as you help him become the Instagram husband — and dad — of your dreams!

Young Professionals Clothing

Many new parents feel a bit lost in their new role after the baby comes. Help him remember he can still be a dad and a stylishly hard worker with new men’s office clothes. He’s going to have a hard time wanting to leave the baby for work each day anyway, but young professionals clothing he loves can motivate him to get out of the sweatpants and into the office. When you need quality dress shirts, there’s only one company you should count on: Stone Rose.

Check out the 2019 T-Series collection and find styles that match his workplace in order to really succeed with this Father’s Day present.

A New Coffee Machine

Late nights with the baby interrupting his sleep routine? Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do to help him get more sleep — but you can make his hours awake, well, more awake. Order him a new coffee machine that will make his coffee how he likes it, when he likes it. This will help him to be more alert and on top of things in the office (even if he still has dark circles under his eyes).

A Day At The Spa

Sometimes, dads just need a little “me time.” Send him off to the nearest spa — or make it a couples’ session at the spa — where he can get a massage and any other spa treatments that will truly help him relax. Being a dad is tough work and he’s cut out for the job, but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t use a little rest and relaxation as he transitions into this new role.

Shop For High-Quality Men’s Clothing Today

No matter whether he’s a new dad, has been a dad for years, or hopes to be a dad one day, you can’t go wrong with young professionals clothing this Father’s Day. Here are Stone Rose, we offer the fitted shirts for men and men’s business wear that you’re looking for. Shop our new arrivals today to find a present he’ll love to wear not just on Father’s Day, but every other day of the year as well.

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