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6 Types Of Dads — And What To Get Them For Father’s Day

Whether your dad has the corner market on dad jokes or he’s retired and jetting off around the world, you can’t go wrong with getting him young professionals clothing for...

Whether your dad has the corner market on dad jokes or he’s retired and jetting off around the world, you can’t go wrong with getting him young professionals clothing for Father’s Day. New dads, young dads, and older dads alike love young professionals clothing from Stone Rose — and your dad could be next! Simply find him a shirt that matches his personality, and you’re in business!

Easier said than done, you say? Not so when you shop for high-quality men’s clothing from Stone Rose. Here on our blog, we aim to be a resource for you. Whether it’s teaching you how to rock the casual suit look, how to better incorporate color into your wardrobe, or what to gift your dad based on his personality, we’re here for you. Keep reading below to find your dad’s personality and know what to get him for Father’s Day, and check out our young professionals clothing today (you may even want to buy yourself a shirt or two).

The Jokester

He doesn’t play soccer because he enjoys the sport — he’s just doing it for kicks!

Does he always have a new dad joke up his sleeve? If so, then get him some new sleeves he’ll love! The jokester needs a fun print to match his fun-loving personality. Check out our pineapple shirt that will turn him into a fineapple, jumbo fish print, rad bunnies print, or white wine print to get inspired.

The Laidback Dad

For the dad who’s always down to just chill, can be found in a hammock, and loves hanging out with you and your friends, you need to check out our new linen shirts. These aren’t fitted shirts for men that are stuffy an uncomfortable; they’re men’s knit shirts that feature a statement trim and casual band collar for an effortlessly cool look. We have a short-sleeve and long-sleeve version Dad will love.

The Businessman

He’s busy as can be and practically runs the world — in his eyes, at least. For the businessman who is always looking for men’s business wear and young professionals clothing he can rock in the office, you’ll want to shop for long-sleeve, button-up shirts from Stone Rose. When you buy dress shirts online with us, you can expect the very best in performance, style, and fit — and we know your businessman of a dad always expects the best.

The Adventurer

He’s been to every continent (or just about), and yet his travel list is far from over. For that dad that gave you a love of adventure, spontaneity, exploring, and cultures, you’re going to want to order a henley (or two or three) to keep up with him. Check out our post on henley heaven to know just what sets these shirts apart from the rest, and find henleys for Dad today.

The Always-Busy Dad

He’s never too busy to hang out with you, but he always seems to be busy with, well, something. Whether he’s fixing the kitchen sink, working in the yard, or fiddling with things in the shed, your dad is always up to something. Get him a shirt that can keep up! Our T-Series collection is young professional clothing that’s just right for every setting: it has the stretch, comfort, design, and performance you’re looking for. It’ll feel like his favorite workout shirt, but it’ll look like men’s office clothes.

The Sentimental Dad

For your dad who never missed a recital, performance, or game; who tears up whenever he thinks about how proud he is of you; or who still has your childhood photo in his wallet, you’re going to need to take the sentiment up a notch. Buy two fitted shirts for men this year — one for each of you to wear and match! Or, you could find a print that reminds you of a special memory and tell him what it means to you.

Shop For Young Professionals Clothing Today

When it comes to young professionals clothing, you can count on Stone Rose. For Father’s Day and every other day of the year, we have the quality dress shirts you’re looking for. Browse our new arrivals today and get shopping — Father’s Day is just around the corner!
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