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Henley Heaven: Everything You Need To Know About Our New Henleys

Let us take you to Henley Heaven. It’s a place where every henley shirt for sale fits just right, doesn’t snag, is moisture-wicking, and comfortable. No — it’s not too...

Let us take you to Henley Heaven. It’s a place where every henley shirt for sale fits just right, doesn’t snag, is moisture-wicking, and comfortable. No — it’s not too good to be true. You can truly have it all when you shop men’s fashion with Stone Rose.

Here at Stone Rose, we take men’s fashion and men’s spring shirts seriously. We won’t introduce a new line or clothing item until we’re confident it’s up to our strict standards for durability, style, and comfort. So when we tell you we have new henleys for warmer weather, you can know it’s the henley you’ve been waiting for (even if you didn’t know it). Read our blog today to know everything you need to know about these new men’s spring shirts, and then shop men’s fashion with Stone Rose today!


We adapted our classic henley shirt style for warmer weather, and we’re proud to introduce the new Triblend Short-Sleeve Henley. We designed this short-sleeve shirt with performance in mind, meaning this new fabric will keep you cool and comfortable all day. It’s the moisture-wicking ability you love in your workout clothing, but it’s now in your favorite henley.


Tired of buying men’s shirts online only to have them snag the second time you wear them? When you shop men’s fashion with Stone Rose, you can always count on us for high-quality items — and this includes creating designs, like our new henleys, that are anti-snag for long-lasting wear without the tear.

Low Shrinkage

There’s nothing worse than finding a comfortable shirt that fits just right and then having it shrink the first time it goes through the dryer! Be sure to read the care instructions before washing and drying our newest henleys, but know that they’re designed with low shrinkage in mind.

Reflective Detailing

A plain henley in a neutral color shouldn’t be completely without fanfare and fun. These men’s spring shirts feature trendy reflective detailing along the buttons. When you wear it fully buttoned-up, no one will be the wiser. When you unbutton the shirt, though, you can show off the fun reflective detailing that adds some sophistication to a classic, short-sleeve henley.

Four-Way Stretch

And here’s what truly makes this shirt a part of Henley Heaven: it boasts a four-way stretch that you have to feel to believe. It wasn’t enough for us to simply give you an already-comfortable henley. Instead, we decided to over-deliver on your expectations and make it more comfortable than ever.

Shop Men’s Fashion With Stone Rose Today

From understanding thread count to keeping you trendy with men’s spring looks and polo shirts, Stone Rose is your resource for all things men’s fashion. When you shop men’s fashion with us, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best of the best in quality, performance, style, comfort, and durability. We do fashion for the discerning gentleman — even if it’s something as seemingly simple as a henley tee. Shop men’s fashion with us today!
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