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Does A Shirt’s Thread Count Really Matter?

  What is thread count? Why does thread count matter? How do I tell thread count? Shop high thread count shirts for men Sure, you might pay attention to thread...


Sure, you might pay attention to thread count when you buy new sheets for your bachelor pad or when you buy new sheets for you and your partner's bed. But thread count on a shirt? Tell me that doesn't actually matter.

Well ' spoiler alert ' the thread count of your men's dress shirts truly does matter both for your comfort and the shirt's durability. We're going to break it all down in today's blog so you can know just what to look for (and why). If you're in the market for high-quality men's dress shirts that make you look and feel great, then shop men's fashion with Stone Rose today. All of our fitted shirts for men, fashion sweaters for men, and other men's clothing online features high thread counts so you can be comfortable and fashionable for a long time to come.

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What is thread count?

Thread count essentially indicates the size of the yarns in fabric ' it indicates how many threads are in one square inch of fabric.

Why does thread count matter?

To put it simply, it's all about comfort and durability. Think of those cheap sheets you had in your college dorm room, for example (or even a cheap shirt you had in the past). Did you ever notice the fabric piling up with little bumps and spare threads near your feet? That's because lower thread counts are cheaper ' and therefore less soft, comfortable, and durable.

High thread count fabrics are finer, which means the fabric overall will be softer and smoother (and typically more expensive).

How do I tell thread count? What should I look for?

When you shop men's fashion, check the specifications on any quality dress shirt or fitted shirt for men to see if it's truly as quality as it claims to be! A general rule of thumb is the higher the better. The average T-shirt out there has a low thread count of only about 40 to 50. This is single-ply and will most likely react like those dorm sheets did.

A quality dress shirt will start with a thread count around 100 or 200 and should be at least two-ply ' and, trust us, you'll be able to tell a difference. When you order fitted shirts for men with a higher thread count, the cost may be more ' but you can expect more comfort and long-term use overall.

Shop high thread count shirts for men

Here at Stone Rose, we truly pride ourselves on offering quality items in men's fashion. We engineer our menswear to be comfortable, support, well-fitting, and durable ' and a lot of that comes from thread count. Whether you're shopping for quality dress shirts or are interested in tees from our Basics Collection, you'll get the high thread count, style, comfort, and durability you want. Convinced yet? Order our high-quality men's dress shirts and experience the difference yourself! When you shop men's fashion, there's no better choice than Stone Rose.

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