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Your Guide To Clothing For Summer Nights

It may be the end of July, but summer is still in full swing as far as we’re concerned. If you’re starting to feel a little so-so about your wardrobe,...

It may be the end of July, but summer is still in full swing as far as we’re concerned. If you’re starting to feel a little so-so about your wardrobe, however, then we’re here for you. Even if you started out the season with tons of enthusiasm for your style, it can get to the point where you just want to wear a tee and shorts and call it good because of the heat. 

Luckily for you, there’s no problem with a basic tee and a nice pair of shorts — just shop men’s fashion with Stone Rose. We’ll give your quality dress shirts (short sleeve and long sleeve), henleys, polos, and basic tees a welcome wake-up call to keep them (and you!) looking fresh for summer. In today’s blog, we are going to cover five different events that will likely take place before the end of summer and just what you can wear for each of them. Check out our recommendations below, and then shop men’s fashion with Stone Rose today!

Backyard BBQ & Beers









You want something comfortable and trendy for a backyard BBQ — something that says, “I’m here to have fun.” For this, you can’t do better than a short-sleeve, button-up shirt with a fun pattern. Here are some of our recommendations: 

  • Orange Floral Print - This short-sleeve knit shirt is sophisticated yet casual, making it just right for an evening spent with friends in the backyard.
  • Navy Floral Print - This short-sleeve, button-up shirt is a quality dress shirt with a relaxed feel that you can wear throughout spring and summer. 
  • Blue Stripe Print - OK we know it’s a long-sleeve shirt, but can you blame us? The blue striped pattern boasts a microprint of playful sneakers on it — shop men’s fashion with us today to make it yours.

A Weekend At The Beach

When you’re headed to the coast, you need a wardrobe to match. Check out our 2019 Travel Guide for inspiration, and then check out these recommendations before you buy dress shirts online: 

  • Blue Printed Linen Slub - This short-sleeve shirt is as light as can be and features a casual yet trendy collar for your time in the sun, sand, and waves. 
  • Navy Fish Print - This short-sleeve, button-up shirt features a tight print of navy fish, contrasted with an orange fish here and there to stand out — just as you’ll stand out as a catch at the beach when you wear this shirt.
  • Dark Pink Palm Tree Print - It’s not actually just pink. With pink, navy, and turquoise palm trees on a crisp white background, this quality dress shirt screams both “beach” and “summer.”

Brunch With Family

When family is in town and it comes time to show off your favorite brunch spot (even more than you already do), you will need an outfit that is just as cozy and tasteful as your brunch! Here are our recommendations when you shop men’s fashion with us: 

  • Red Geometric Print - This long-sleeve, button-up shirt with a red geometric pattern will make it so your eggs benedict dish doesn’t steal the show at brunch.
  • Orange Grapefruit Print - Planning on mimosas at lunch? Add to the citrus theme with this men’s summer top that is just as charming and sweet as your mimosa is.
  • Navy Butterfly Print - Celebrate all that is men’s summer clothing with this short-sleeve shirt with a vibrant, playful butterfly pattern.

Strolling Downtown

Whether it’s catching a fireworks show, going to a drive-in theater, or even just window shopping downtown, you want to look your best. When you shop men’s fashion, you want staple pieces that will work with a variety of outfits — and that includes sweaters and long-sleeve shirts. Here’s what we recommend for those cooler summer nights: 

  • Navy Beads Print - This shirt is unique and groovy if you ask us. It’s ideal for layering on a cooler night.
  • Navy Heather Knit Sweater - Speaking of layering, how about you try this men’s fashion sweater on for size?
  • White Geometric Print - This long-sleeve, high-quality men’s dress shirt is subtle and understated, yet it’s trendy and stylish as soon as you look closely at it.

Movie & Popcorn Night

Finally: those coveted nights spent inside. Just because you’re chilling inside watching movies with a partner or friends doesn’t mean you can’t look nice — it just means you need to make sure you’re comfortable at the same time. Next time you’re staying in, wear one of these men’s summer tops while you’re at it: 

  • Blue Linen Slub - This is the long-sleeve version of the short-sleeve option listed for your beach weekend above! The linen is as comfortable as it gets, and you’ll look classy all night long.
  • Pink Geometric Print - Go a bit retro at movie night with this pink, burgundy, and white print that’s as trendy (and comfortable) as it gets. 
  • Navy Pique Knit Polo - When you shop men’s fashion, don’t forget about a high-quality polo shirt here and there. This one will have you looking stylish all night long (even though you’re as comfortable as can be). 

Shop Men’s Fashion With Stone Rose Today

See anything that caught your fancy? Here at Stone Rose, you do more than buy dress shirts online; you choose how you want to present yourself to those around you. We offer high-quality men’s dress shirts, knit shirts for men, and fitted shirts for men for the discerning gentleman — and we think you are just that. Check out some of our other blog posts for inspiration regarding men’s summer clothing and men’s summer tops before you shop men’s fashion with us:

When it comes to men’s summer fashion trends and quality dress shirts, Stone Rose has you covered (literally). Shop men’s fashion today.
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