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Date Night Done Right: What To Wear For These 3 Dates

by Anna dejewska |

Now that summer is officially here, it’s time for an update to your date-night wardrobe. As a young professional who is busy working, you always want clothes that can do double the work — they’ll look great in the office, but they’ll also be just right for transitioning to happy hour or a date.

Here at Stone Rose, we offer young professionals clothing that makes that a reality instead of just a dream. Whether you’re dressing up your dinner plans, making your next cuddle session even cooler, or you’re opting for a casual brunch date, our young professionals clothing will help you stand out on the date (and in the office). Read below for inspiration and help for what to wear on three dates, and then shop for young professionals clothing, high-quality men’s clothing, fitted shirts for men, and more with Stone Rose today.

Dinner At Your Favorite Spot

When you and a date are headed off to your favorite restaurant for a night of romance and fun, you’ll need a quality dress shirt to match the high quality of your date! Now, we won’t be there to show you how to act like a proper gentleman at dinner, but we’re positive that our stylish dress shirts and smart styles will at least make you look like a gentleman.

Outdoor Brunch

What’s on the menu for your next brunch date? We’ll tell you what: fitted shirts for men that are just as casual and comfortable as they are trendy and stylish. For a laid-back brunch date, keep things comfortable and casual without sacrificing a sharp look or stylish details. At your next brunch date, waffles and mimosas won’t be the most impressive, tasty-looking items at the table if you wear any of these showstoppers:

Netflix & Chill

Are you staying in for your next date night? No worries at all — young professionals clothing will look good no matter the date plans. Just because it’s a casual date, however, doesn’t mean you should look so casual that you look sloppy. Keep it pressed and polished all evening in our selection of wrinkle-free performance T-series shirts.

Shop For Young Professionals Clothing Today

Whether it’s one of these dates or for any other fun plans you have coming up, we hope you shop with Stone Rose for young professionals clothing. We offer unique styles, uncompromising comfort, and extended durability. Read more about our 2019 T-Series Collection, tips for rocking the casual suit look, and workwear that matches your workplace. Here at Stone Rose, we’re your resource for all things young professionals clothing, including blog posts that will make you look your best. Shop our new arrivals today!

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