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Summer Shirt Rotation: Check Out These Short-Sleeve Shirts

by Anna dejewska |

When you think of sophisticated men’s clothing, do you envision sweaters, blazers, scarves, and the like? While that certainly fits the bill for sophisticated men’s clothing, you’d be far-fetched to find anyone wearing any of those items on a hot summer day. 

Here at Stone Rose, we offer fashion for the discerning gentleman — and we know you want to look stylish and sophisticated year-round (not just when the weather is cooler). To help you out, we’ve designed short-sleeve button-ups that are just as trendy as they are sophisticated and just as comfortable as they are well-fitting. For high-quality men’s dress shirts and short-sleeve button-ups you can wear over and over again, shop with Stone Rose. 

In today’s post, we’ve gathered five of our favorite short-sleeve, button-up shirts that have been making the rounds this summer. Order one (or two or three!) for yourself today and check out our new arrivals. Before you know it, people will be asking you where to buy men’s clothes!

Navy Beads Print

This blue button-up shirt has a slightly retro feel to it and will transition well from summer to fall. Contrary to popular belief, fitted shirts for men don’t have to be uncomfortable! This short-sleeve, button-up shirt is made of a breathable light woven fabric and features a two-way stretch for added comfort.

Pink Geometric Print

Show of your fun side with this white, pink, and burgundy short-sleeve shirt. This shirt will keep you cool all summer — and it’ll make you look cool no matter where you are. This effortless summer look is completed with the contrast trim details, crisp white background, and burgundy buttons.

Navy Butterfly Print

Whether you’re a lepidopterist or you simply like a good summer shirt in the form of a butterfly print, then this navy short-sleeve shirt with a butterfly pattern is for you. The butterflies seem to play on the light woven fabric, almost as if they’ll flutter right off. Don’t worry about the orange and navy colors fading over time — the shirt is printed with reactive dyes for long-lasting vibrancy.

Pink Geometric Print

In a light, subtle shade of pink, this short-sleeve shirt with a pink microprint geometric pattern is the shirt that does it all. Wedding? Check. Meeting at work? Check. Date night? Check. This piece of sophisticated men’s clothing is versatile and comfortable — it’s 100% cotton and features a four-way stretch.

Orange Floral Print

Turn up the drama with this quality dress shirt in navy with an orange floral print. Also available in white and blue, this fitted shirt for men is comfortable, well-designed, fits just right, and is about as sophisticated as you can get for a short-sleeve, button-up shirt.

Shop For Sophisticated Men’s Clothing Today

Our men’s clothing boutique offers unparalleled design, fit, and style in all of our high-quality men’s dress shirts. When you buy dress shirts online, you need to do so with a company you can trust — and that company is Stone Rose. Shop for sophisticated men’s clothing today that will keep you cool all summer long.

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