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Tips For Rocking The Casual Suit Look, Pt. 2

by Anna dejewska |

Casual suit doesn’t have to be an oxymoron.

You can look sophisticated, fashion-forward, and productive in the casual suit look — all while being comfortable and having more movement than the traditional suit would allow you. Whether it’s to step up your game in men’s work attire or you want to look nice at that new bar this weekend, young professionals clothing is the answer.

In part one of rocking the casual suit look, we covered the essential pieces for men’s business wear that actually looks good:

If you missed it, read over that blog to learn more about the pieces and why they’re perfect for attractive men’s office clothes. And then read this blog, which will go into more detail about how to make all of your men’s business wear work together — from stylish dress shirts to athleisure sneakers for men, we cover it all. Shop Stone Rose today for fitted shirts for men, men’s business wear, and more.

Mix And Match

Versatility is essential when it comes to fashionable men’s office clothes, so suit separates will truly take your style to the next level.

When you’re incorporating patterns, be sure not to go overboard. Typically, a patterned suit jacket or business casual blazer will work best with dress slacks that match a color from the blazer but are otherwise neutral.

When you’re incorporating different materials — perhaps a wool, tweed, or velvet blazer — opt for some well-tailored jeans to balance out the casual suit look.

When you’re incorporating an unstructured jacket or knit blazer, choose dark jeans or chinos to match the more laid-back style.

Add Some Color

We’ve discussed adding life to your business casual blazer by choosing patterns, but what about color? What about the men’s fashion polo shirts and stylish dress shirts we’ve mentioned? They’re full of color and fun, and they’ll look great in the office or at the bar.  

Bring in the same colors subtly throughout your outfit, such as through your pocket square or with a shade of that color in your suit jacket. Neutral chinos, which we’ve also discussed, will look great with your pops of color as well. Whenever you’re wearing color, simply try to incorporate other neutrals in your outfit to balance it out.

Be Confident

When it comes to incorporating a new style or look, confidence will be your best accessory. If you choose the right high-quality men’s clothing and follow these tips, you’re set! Just add some confidence on top and you’ll be dressed like you’ve earned a big promotion. Whether you’re wearing a colored polo shirt, a business casual suit, or a patterned, stylish dress shirt that’s new to you, confidence will be key to rocking the casual suit look.

Ready to improve your young professionals clothing and look the part at work? Rock the casual suit look when you follow these tips and shop Stone Rose for professional clothes for men.

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