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Tips For Rocking The Casual Suit Look, Pt. 1

It can be easy to feel tired and bored when it comes to men’s work attire, but, luckily for you, it’s 2018! Say goodbye to the monotony of men’s business...

It can be easy to feel tired and bored when it comes to men’s work attire, but, luckily for you, it’s 2018! Say goodbye to the monotony of men’s business wear of the past — your 9-5 uniform can show off as much creativity and sophistication as you want it to. And with your options for young professionals clothing from Stone Rose, you’ll love showing off your fashion-forward side in the office.

Because of how work and fashion expectations have changed over the years, you’re not expected to wear a white shirt and tie with ill-fitting dress slacks anymore. Embracing the casual suit look, though, can be a struggle in its own right (even though you’re guaranteed to look better). If you’re unsure of how to rock the casual suit look, this blog should help you navigate the area just fine.

But First, The Suit

How on earth will you master the casual suit look without a casual suit to accompany it? Remember — casual, relaxed suits don’t mean you’re heading to work in your athleisure sweatpants. Even though it’s relaxed, your suit should still be well-tailored and fit well. It’ll simply offer you a bit more give, allowing you to move comfortably and easily, while still looking sharp.

If you have a business casual suit or you recently bought one and it’s not fitting just right, drop by a tailor, get some slight alterations, and feel like a king (or fashionable Wall Street mogul or James Bond — whatever suits your fancy).

You’ll Need These 5 Pieces

Kicking your style up a notch in the office? Here’s the tea: you can’t do it without these five pieces. There are other pieces you need, of course — like the suit jacket, dress shoes, and quality dress shirts — but let’s assume you already have those. When you add these five pieces to your wardrobe, you’ll master the casual suit look and get “Best Dressed” for men’s office clothes at this year’s company party.

  • Polo. We’re not encouraging popping the collar on your polo and calling it good. Men’s fashion polo shirts can dress your work attire up or down, add some color, and are versatile enough for spring and summer men’s fashion. We even have long sleeve polos you can wear under your suit jacket in the fall and winter. The perfect dressy polo for you won’t have a big logo, will fit well, and will still allow you to layer — with or without your business casual blazer. If you’re wearing it with a jacket, tuck it in; if you’re wearing it without a jacket, untucked is just fine.
  • Cardigan, Sweater, or Knit Blazer. This may not be the best for the sweaty, heat-filled summer months, but this fashion tip is key to the casual suit look. Not feeling the traditional suit one day, even with the relaxed fit? Ditch it. Pair a cardigan, sweater, or knit blazer with the outfit instead, or go bold with a contemporary bomber jacket.
  • Neutral Chinos. Does anything say Casual Friday (or vacation mode) quite like off-white, neutral chinos? When you embrace neutral chinos, you’ll have more versatility in your work-appropriate closet and can add color and mix and match more easily — both of which we’ll discuss in part two of this blog.

  • Athleisure Sneakers. Really digging the casual suit look? Take it to the next level with fashion-forward athleisure sneakers. This may be hard for you to transition to initially, so take your time. It’s important to note, though, that we’re not recommending you wear your favorite Nikes or lace up your basketball shoes on your way into work. Far from it. You’ll want simple sneakers with only one color, no scuffs, and no big logos. If it’s warm outside, opt for some no-show socks so your ankles will show just slightly.
  • Pocket Square. But you thought we were going casual, right? Even when you’re wearing a business casual suit, you’ll want that pocket filled. A pocket square creates eye-pleasing asymmetry, and it’s especially needed if you’re wearing a dress shirt and dress shoes as part of your casual suit outfit. No need to go strictly white with the pocket square, though — the color will be stark and a bit too formal. Try a patterned or colored square or embrace different materials and fabrics, like cotton or a linen blend.

Feeling more confident already? That’s what we like to hear over here at Stone Rose. Young professionals clothing really can be fun and easy. It’s just a matter of knowing what pieces you need and how to wear them — which we cover in part two of rocking the casual suit look. Shop with Stone Rose today for classy, professional clothes for men.

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