3 Reasons To Add A Vest To Your Wardrobe

When it comes to sophisticated men’s clothing, nothing quite does it like a three-piece suit. Whether you’re planning on rocking the three-piece suit or not, though, you’re going to want to add a men’s vest or two to your wardrobe. Stone Rose has plenty of men’s vest styles for you to choose from, find a men’s vest online and get ready to rock it with a stylish dress shirt.

You Can Dress It Up

If you’ve been following the Stone Rose blog for a while now, you know that we’re all about versatility. That high-quality polo shirt should work in the office, on the green, and in the bar, for example.

In the same vein, we love the versatility we can get with a navy suit vest, black dress vest, or even a burgundy wool texture vest.

For the ultimate outfit in sophisticated men’s clothing, pair your vest with a dress shirt and pants and a sharp suit jacket. You can mix patterns and colors, without going too casual, at your black tie event if you’re careful. If you’re not wearing a blazer with your ensemble, be sure to get a high-quality men’s dress shirt that truly fits.

You Can Dress It Down

What man out there hasn’t dreamt of rocking the men’s casual vest with jeans? It’s an enviable look to be sure, often because men aren’t always sure how to pull the outfit together.

Men’s vest styles, though, are broad and can encompass a whole range of outfits. To master the men’s casual vest with jeans, there are a few tips to follow:

  • Make sure the vest fits snug. The sides should reach down to the belt.
  • Make sure the shirt fits right. You don’t want to shirt to billow out of the sides of the vest.
  • Don’t button the last button. Just as you wouldn’t button it on a suit jacket, leave it unbuttoned on the best.
  • Pair with jeans or chinos. Dark-wash jeans or chinos are a must when trying to dress down the dressy vest look.

You Never Know When You’ll Need It

Maybe you don’t need a vest for every day of the month, but stylish vests for men are handy to have in your closet for that time when you really do need it.

Whether you’re dressing for that big promotion for work, attending a celebration for your partner, or looking classy for a date, you’ll be happy you have a men’s vest when the day comes. Besides, you may just find more opportunities to wear one once you actually have it hanging in your closet. No collection of sophisticated men’s clothing is complete without certain items, and a vest is certainly a must-have.

Ready to up your game when it comes to sophisticated men’s clothing? A vest is the answer. Opt for a men’s casual vest style or go for a dress shirt with vest combination. Whichever you choose, we’re sure you’ll look great. Browse men’s vests online with Stone Rose today.

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