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Bro To Brofessional: Transition From The Classroom To The Workplace

We get it — the stuffy office culture of boring suits and ties is out and you’re fine with a graphic tee most days. But is that what you really...

We get it — the stuffy office culture of boring suits and ties is out and you’re fine with a graphic tee most days.

But is that what you really want to leave as your legacy at your first post-university job? We didn’t think so. Dressing well for work will improve your ability to focus, show respect for your employer, impress that random person you meet on your break, and set you up for overall success. So how do you transition to young professionals clothing? We’re glad you asked. Read our blog today for information on transitioning to men’s work attire and away from the slouchy classroom outfits of yesterday.

Analyze The Office

First things first: take a look at what everyone else in the office is wearing. If everyone is in a suit and tie, it’s a safe bet that you should be, too. If some people are wearing T-shirts, though, then you have some room to show your personal style and taste — all while looking professional.

Switch From A T-Shirt To A Polo

Men’s fitted shirts should be your go-to. Perhaps you can make your alma mater’s T-shirt pass on Casual Friday, but otherwise professional clothes for men should never include that baggy tee.

Switch out your T-shirt for a high-quality polo shirt instead — polo shirts are some of the best items you can add to your closet. Men’s fashion polo shirts are great for the office because they’re easy, add color, look great, and work with layers! To supplement your polos and transition to workplace attire, you can also try comfortable, fitted long sleeve henleys and basic tees. Browse polo shirts online today with Stone Rose.

Replace The Sweatshirt With A Sweater

When you’re out of the classroom and into the workplace, that grungy sweatshirt you love so much will only make you more tired. Don’t sit at your desk in your favorite sweatshirt and wish you were home binging Netflix. Wear a just-as-cozy sweater instead that will help you look and feel that part when you’re at work.

Men’s fitted sweaters will be your best friends this fall and winter, so stock up now and grab some with huge savings during our upcoming Black Friday sale. Whether you choose a turtleneck, crewneck, or a cardigan, you’ll look polished instead of tired.

Embrace Fitted, Dark Wash Jeans

Gym shorts, baggy jeans, and cargo shorts don’t belong with other men’s professional clothing. Opt for chinos, dark wash jeans, or suit pants instead. You’ll make an impression on your coworkers, boss, and clients, and you’ll even feel better yourself. And there’s no need to worry about looking too dressy or formal — learn how to rock the casual suit look.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Once you get those high-quality men’s clothing items, don’t forget to consider your feet. You should have at least two pairs of work-appropriate shoes in your closet — one in black and one in brown. This will give you the versatility you need to match whichever business casual suit or fitted shirt for men that you’re wearing. Loafers, dress shoes, or boots are all acceptable, but your athletic shoes and sandals certainly won’t fit in with the rest of your young professionals clothing.

Shop Stone Rose Men’s Luxury Clothing

The key to professional clothes for men that will make you both look and feel your best? Shopping with Stone Rose. We offer quality dress shirts, men’s fashion polo shirts, luxury blazers, men’s work attire, and more. Shop with us and enjoy our men’s Black Friday sales!

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