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Check Out Our New Online Exclusive Men’s Clothing Collection

At Stone Rose, we know all about exclusivity. Chances are, if you shop our online store, you do too. When you go anywhere in a Stone Rose article of clothing,...

At Stone Rose, we know all about exclusivity. Chances are, if you shop our online store, you do too. When you go anywhere in a Stone Rose article of clothing, you are suddenly part of an extremely exclusive group of men: Men who are professionals, men who put thought and energy into their appearance and style. As such, we want our customers to have the ability to really invest in pieces of clothing that others do not. Sure, you can shop at a number of your favorite local shops, but you don’t want to wear what every other guy in your office is sporting at your client meeting. Instead, you need to be able to distinguish your wardrobe from every other man you pass on the street. While our regular collection can help you to do this, we now have an even more exclusive online-only collection that has just been released! Let’s take a closer look at some of these new looks and discover how you can wear them this spring, summer, and beyond.

Styles For Spring

If you have shopped Stone Rose before, you likely know that we tend to have no fear when it comes to wearing pastels and spring is the perfect time of year to do so. Our new exclusive collection offers pastels and neutrals that will work perfectly this season and every season that follows. Two of our favorite new items are our Linen Short Sleeve Knits, available in turquoise and pink stripes. What we love most about these shirts is their ability to look great on you without causing you discomfort. The breathable linen material is great for transforming a look from casual brunch to sophisticated night out. Additionally, the color options allow for that man who doesn’t mind wearing pink to show off his style, while the blue option is a great choice for someone who is a little more reserved.

Styles For Summer

As we move closer to summer, that can only mean one thing: weddings! Whether you like it or not, summer is an incredibly popular time for couples to get hitched, and that means you’re going to need a variety of button-down shirts to choose from so that you aren’t recycling wedding attire. There are several button-downs that we think will absolutely serve you in this situation. The first is our Navy Striped Long Sleeve Shirt. Plain and simple, this shirt should be a part of every man’s wardrobe, as it is nearly as classic and timeless as a plain white button-down. It is just understated enough that you will look extremely stylish while also giving off a seemingly effortless vibe.

Another option, for someone who likes to wear prints, is our Navy Floral Print Short Sleeve Knit. While we would not recommend that you wear this shirt to an extremely formal wedding, we think it would be perfect for an outdoor ceremony during the peak of summer. The short sleeves will allow for you to breathe easily and the subtle print is perfect for making a fashion statement that is just the right amount of attention-grabbing.

Styles For Fall

While you may not be ready to plan your fall wardrobe yet, we guarantee that you will have the desire to once we show you the newest classic additions to our inventory. Believe us, we know that some pieces in our store aren’t for everyone. Yes, some people are huge fans of our brightly-colored, uniquely patterned shirts, but for others, a more understated look is what they desire. The good news is that our online collection is all about getting back to the basics. If you are someone who has a classic style, we would suggest you check out our newest arrivals as soon as possible. Check out our Blue Herringbone Long Sleeve Shirt, Navy Double Sided Check Print Long Sleeve, and our Blue Plaid Long Sleeve Shirt right now and find your favorite. We guarantee you’re going to want all of them once you see these new styles.

Ready For Some Exclusive Wardrobe Additions?

If you know it’s time to revamp your wardrobe and you want to set a precedent by having unique pieces that everyone else will covet, it’s time to check out the new exclusive online collection. Set yourself apart and make sure you’re always one step ahead of the next fashion trend by shopping Stone Rose.
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