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Bored With Your Style? Shop Men’s Fashion With Color

by Anna dejewska |

If putting on your clothes every day isn’t fun, then you’re doing something wrong.

Take your wardrobe out of the black-and-white monotony and add some color! Men’s high-end fashion, quality dress shirts, and even knitted sweaters for men can all be full of color — color that will attract attention and make you feel confident and capable.


Pink is a playful, fun color that we love for men’s summer tops and that we frequently see in spring fashion trends.

Choose a pink, diamond jacquard knit polo (every man, after all, should add high-quality polo shirts to their wardrobes).

Embrace summer vibes with this pink, geometric print short sleeve shirt or find the perfect men’s summer top in this pink, geometric knit short sleeve shirt.

If you need a high-quality men’s dress shirt, this pink, plaid print, long sleeve shirt would look professional in the office, this pink, linen jacquard, long sleeve shirt would be a hit at your family picnic or this navy and pink plaid, long sleeve shirt would be appropriate for, well, just about anything.


Blue can make your eyes pop or it can be a soothing, calming color for those long days spent at home with your kids or in the office.

We love contrast colors on the collars of polo shirts. If you do too, then this navy polo or this ocean blue polo is for you.

Looking for a comfortable shirt that doesn’t make it look like you just rolled out of bed? Knit shirts for men are ideal for this, and this blue henley takes the cake.

Men’s casual fall fashion and men’s winter outfits are full of rich blue sweaters. Try this navy crew neck sweater or this ombré navy turtleneck on for size.

Quality dress shirts aren’t the only way to embrace color in your wardrobe, though. Try a navy business casual blazer or turn up the drama with a navy velvet blazer that will turn heads.


Gray may be a neutral, but we’ll hazard a guess that most of the neutral items in your closet right now are either white or black. Gray is a rich, dimensional color offering many different shades to enjoy.

The classic gray polo will add more depth to your men’s spring look than you may realize, and a gray, long sleeve polo is perfect for men’s casual winter fashion. And, really, who doesn’t need a new gray V-neck? Knit shirts for men can stretch and fade, but you’re guaranteed quality with this one.

Fall or winter attire for men is full of intrigue, especially when you throw in a warm, gray sweater made of merino wool or a gray, ombré turtleneck.

Melt into a deep, dark charcoal in this waffle texture, high-quality men’s dress shirt, keep it classic with a gray, diamond twill, long sleeve shirt, or modernize the look with a gray, long sleeve shirt with a geometric pattern.

We have plenty of other men’s high-end fashion available in lots of colors, but these are some of our favorites right now. Shop men’s fashion with Stone Rose today.

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