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Navy Diagonal Block Geo Print Shirt

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Color: NAVY
Size: S
The Navy Diagonal Block Geo Print Shirt: A Contemporary Classic

Introducing our Navy Diagonal Block Geo Print Shirt, a splendid fusion of timeless aesthetics and contemporary design. Meticulously crafted for the discerning gentleman, this shirt encapsulates elegance with its distinct geometric print, set against a deep navy backdrop.

Immerse in the Comfort of Natural Poplin

Our in-house designed poplin shirts are a testament to our commitment to unparalleled quality. This shirt, in particular, is born from the marriage of 97% premium cotton and 3% elastane. The choice of cotton ensures breathability for all seasons, offering natural temperature control. Coupled with the added stretch from elastane, experience a fit that adapts to you, ensuring maximum comfort throughout the day.

Softness, Elevated

We took the luxury up a notch by treating this shirt with a silicone wash. The result? A remarkably soft, premium feel that pampers your skin with every wear.

Key Features That Stand Out
  • Natural Fibers: Harness the best of nature with breathable cotton.
  • Absorbent: Stay fresh, always.
  • Easy Care: Designed for the modern man's busy lifestyle.
  • 2-Way Stretch: Comfort that moves with you.
  • Reactive Dyes: Vibrant hues that retain their brilliance.
  • Anti Snag: Durability you can trust.


Make a Statement, Effortlessly

Whether you're heading to a board meeting, a casual day out, or an evening soirée, our Navy Diagonal Block Geo Print Shirt is your trusted companion. Its versatile design ensures it pairs beautifully with trousers, jeans, or chinos, adapting to both formal and casual settings. Crafted for the modern man, this shirt is a celebration of style, comfort, and sophistication.

Color: NAVY
Size: S