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Lavender Tartan Plaid Drytouch Shirt

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Size: M
The Lavender Tartan Plaid Drytouch Shirt: Where Heritage Meets Innovation

Introducing the perfect blend of age-old tradition and cutting-edge fabric technology: the Lavender Tartan Plaid Drytouch Shirt. Whether you're a lover of classics or have an inclination for modern trends, this shirt is set to become the crown jewel of your wardrobe.

Reimagining the Timeless

What makes our Lavender Tartan stand out is its meticulous design approach. We've juxtaposed the legendary tartan plaid pattern with a soothing lavender shade, resulting in a shirt that exudes both sophistication and contemporary flair. By choosing to weave our check prints rather than print them, we’ve enriched the fabric texture, ensuring a tactile experience like no other.

Advanced Fabric for the Modern Man

We've employed one of our most technologically advanced materials, laced with DryTouch technology, and comprising a fusion of 52% cotton, 45% DryTouch poly, and 3% elastane. This innovative blend promises optimal moisture management and superior air circulation, so you're wrapped in comfort all day long. Further elevating its luxurious feel is our unique brushing technique, rendering a softness that is simply unparalleled.

Features Tailored for Excellence:
  • DryTouch: Masterfully wicks moisture ensuring utmost dryness.
  • SoftTouch: Brushed fabric to envelop you in unmatched softness.
  • Yarn-Dyed: Prioritizing color longevity and vibrancy.
  • Cotton Blend: The inherent comfort of cotton complemented by synthetic performance.
  • Convenience Redefined: Embrace the 'Wash & Go' lifestyle with minimal maintenance needs.
  • Featherlight: Experience the lightness for all-day comfort.
  • 2-Way Stretch: Freedom to move, unbridled and unrestricted.
  • Climate Control: Moisture-wicking and breathable properties to maintain an ideal body temperature.
  • Stay Sharp: Boasting wrinkle resistance, for a consistently polished look.

Dive into a world where vintage charm seamlessly blends with modern utility. Let our Lavender Tartan Plaid Drytouch Shirt be the testament to your refined taste and unwavering appreciation for quality. Crafted for the discerning gentleman between ages 18 to 60, this shirt promises not just to meet but exceed expectations.

Size: M