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Green Micro Accent Dot Print Shirt

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Size: L
The Green Renaissance: Micro Accent Dot Print Shirt

Welcome to a shirt that doesn't just clothe but makes a statement. We proudly present our Green Micro Accent Dot Print Shirt, a perfect blend of eco-conscious innovation and timeless style. Crafted for the discerning gentleman ranging from the young trendsetter to the seasoned professional, this piece seamlessly blends sustainability with sophistication.

Nature Meets Craftsmanship

Every thread tells a story of sustainable fashion. Infused with natural fibers, our Tencel twill shirts are breathable, keeping you comfortable throughout your day. Derived from the eucalyptus tree's wood pulp, the Tencel fiber offers a peachy surface, ensuring a soft touch against your skin and a drape that compliments your silhouette. Pair this with the inherent qualities of cotton, and you have a shirt that feels as good as it looks.

Designed With Precision

Each pattern from our in-house design team is curated to perfection. With simple accents, the bold micro dot print on the vibrant green background is bound to turn heads. The shirt isn't just about aesthetics, though. It's a testament to quality and sustainable fashion.

Features that Stand Out
  • Fabric Composition: 55% Cotton for comfort and 45% Tencel for eco-conscious softness.
  • Eco-friendly: Crafted from 100% natural fibers and upcycled forest waste.
  • Cooling & Breathable: Ideal for all seasons, ensuring you stay refreshed no matter the weather.
  • Color Retention: Reactive dyes ensure the shirt's color remains vibrant over time.
  • Light & Easy: A lightweight design combined with easy care ensures you look your best with minimal effort.

SKU: #MADLSW32-310

Experience clothing that aligns with the values of today's eco-conscious man. Embrace the future of fashion with the Green Micro Accent Dot Print Shirt.

Size: L