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Dark Navy Knit Slub Jersey Shirt

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Size: S
Discover the Essence of Modern Masculinity with Our Dark Navy Knit Slub Jersey Shirt

As autumn leaves start to fall, wrap yourself in unrivaled comfort and style with our latest addition: the Dark Navy Knit Slub Jersey Shirt. Crafted meticulously to capture the spirit of the modern man, this shirt speaks the language of both sophistication and functionality.

Exhibiting a captivating dark navy hue, the shirt effortlessly aligns with your favorite denim and chinos, ensuring a seamless blend into your fall wardrobe. Thanks to our special cotton blend, not only do you experience the softness and slight texture of the fabric, but you're also rewarded with unmatched stretch and adaptability.

Exceptional Features Tailored for the Contemporary Man:
  • Supreme Comfort: Enjoy the gentle caress of our super soft cotton blend against your skin, infused with a textured surface for that unique tactile experience.
  • Optimal Regulation: With a strategic blend of 50% cotton and 47% polyester, the shirt excels in temperature and moisture regulation, ensuring you remain warm and dry as the temperature drops.
  • Unrivaled Flexibility: Move freely and comfortably, courtesy of the 4-way stretch offered by the 3% elastane inclusion.
  • Easy Maintenance: Our shirt is not only breathable but also quick-drying and wrinkle-resistant, reducing your laundry woes.


Whether you're heading for a relaxed coffee date, a weekend getaway, or a casual workday, our Dark Navy Knit Slub Jersey Shirt stands as a testament to modern craftsmanship and design. Don't just wear a shirt; wear a statement.

Size: S