Stone Rose Shirts

Specific attention is paid to high thread count weaves, top-stitching and pleating that results in a style that’s unique to itself, expressive to all and signature to your wardrobe, your look and your unrelentingly good tastes.

A Men’s Dress Shirt for All Occasions

Shop for the luxury men’s dress shirts that you can wear on all occasions and not just to work or at formal events. Upgrade your workplace wardrobe to be intrinsically more fashionable with your comfort in mind with our snug and silhouetted, high-thread count shirts with modern collar and cuff treatments that are suiting for even the most formal of settings. Go clean with a crisp and modern workplace look or be bodacious with a wide array of patterns, stripes, button contrasts and top pleating to choose from in our numerous collections of designer menswear.

Distinguishing Features & Uncompromising Quality

Stone Rose designer men’s shirts merge the tenacity of flair and features – down to the smallest of details – without a compromise on quality. The finest of textiles are sought after from around the world to procure the luxury fabrics that we proudly weave into our collections. Timeless tailoring methods assure the smoothest fit and the softest feel for a shirt that not only sculpts to the mold of your body type, but that also makes you look like the sophisticated gentleman you strive to be.

Silhouetted & Fitted Men’s Shirts

Outline your figure and highlight your manliness with contrasts and curves in all the places that matter with our collection of designer fitted men’s shirts. Created using a silhouette tailoring method, these shirts are specifically designed to provide unequaled freedom in movement while assuring comfort at all turns, yet still molding against your body and accenting your manly figure in all of the right places, so you can look and feel your best at all times. Whether you are on your way to the daily grind at work or are getting ready for a night on the town with your best friends—you’ll be prepared in serious style.

Multifariously Eclectic Wardrobe Options

The Stone Rose collection of premium designer men’s shirts was created with your tastes in mind and a distinct focus on uniqueness. Our unique details, colors, contrast, flair, cut and textile selection assures that you can confidently venture into the world boldly, knowing that you are dressed to impress. Enjoy shopping between our multiple lines of designer collections today—which include men's dress shirts, polo shirts, blazers and more. Whether you are seeking casual attire, a dress shirt that doubles for formal or semi-formal occasions, a leisurely polo shirt or a brand new blazer to complement your wardrobe—you’ll find that the options are immense, inimitable and matchless with the premium Stone Rose collections.