Copy1 of Staff Summer Picks

The sun is finally shining and summer is right around the corner. We asked a few people around the office what their favorite pieces were from the summer collection. Turns out that prints are a big hit at Stone Rose HQ. Get scrolling to see the must-haves this season from our industry professionals.

Check Out Cuban Cars And Architecture

Cuba is known for colorful vintage cars and unique architecture — one flight there and you may feel like you’re a time traveler. Take in the food, music, dancing, and outdoor scene while you’re in Havana (ooh na-na), and look like a seasoned, stylish traveler while you’re at it. Men’s Caribbean clothing is full of bright colors and bold prints, so don’t be afraid to go a bit out of your comfort zone. It’s also wise, however, to find tropical print shirts that aren’t too crazy — that way you can still wear them in the office and feel appropriate. Our men’s spring shirts and men’s summer tops are equally colorful and appropriate.


Cruise The Caribbean In Style

We’re not out of the Caribbean just yet. Instead of staying in one place, why not head out on a cruise through the Caribbean, where you’ll experience several locations and multiple excursions (along with all the food you could eat)? Clothes to wear on a cruise aren’t too difficult. You’ll need a swimsuit, of course, but some nice short-sleeve button-ups are equally as important. Cruise clothes for men should be comfortable and stylish — clothes that will look great when you pull them out of your suitcase and head off to your seventh meal of the day. When you shop men’s fashion with Stone Rose, it’s easier than ever to find men’s vacation shirts that are just as comfortable as they are stylish.


Explore Off The Beaten Path In Crete, Greece

Traveling to anywhere in Greece seems like a good idea, right? Where can you go wrong with fresh seafood, sparkling blue waters, and world-renowned architecture? However, we recommend traveling a bit farther south, down to Crete — the largest of the Greek Islands. This is the supposed birthplace of Zeus, and you’ll be better able to avoid crowds, while still getting the seafood, water, and architecture you want. When you travel to Greece, men’s summer clothing basically dictates you go with a shade of blue! Shop men’s fashion with Stone Rose for blue, short-sleeve button-ups that will contrast perfectly with the white architecture and match the blue waters just right. Your Instagram game will go up a notch with our men’s vacation clothes.


Get A Hole In One On Kiawah Island

No passport? No worries. Head to the coast of South Carolina — and then keep going. Kiawah Island is just off the coast of South Carolina and is home to the Palmetto State’s No. 1 golf course: the Ocean Course at Kiawah Island Golf Resort. It’s an island paradise, complete with tee time. Whether you’re planning a golf getaway or beach vacation there, you’ll love the ocean views, famous golf course, and signature dining. Your summer vacation outfit here wouldn’t be complete without a trendy, breathable, high-quality polo shirt. Don’t be afraid of some tropical print shirts while you’re here, though — it’s still a beach vacation, after all. Extra time? Head over to Johns Island to see Angel Oak, a 500-year-old tree.


Set Sail To (And In) The British Virgin Islands

This list of summer vacations and men’s Caribbean shirts would be remiss without a mention of the BVIs. With palm trees and ocean views for miles, this trip is the time to break out all your men’s vacation clothes. Try yachting, sailing, hiking in Sage Mountain National Park, or even navigating the Baths, a labyrinth of beachside boulders — all while wearing tropical vacation clothes. Resort attire would be appropriate, so when you shop men’s fashion, look for quality dress shirts with blue themes, island motifs, and plenty of breathability. Take sailing lessons and get a sunset photo of you in a summer vacation outfit on your own boat.

Shop Men’s Fashion And Men’s Resort Wear Today

Here at Stone Rose, we’re your go-to source for summer vacation outfits, men’s Caribbean shirts, men’s island wear, and high-quality men’s dress shirts. We’ll let you know what to wear on vacation so your clothes can be stylish, comfortable, and durable.

Our tropical print shirts are fun, creative, and tropical as can be — but they’re not so overbearing that you can’t confidently wear them in the office as well. Whether you’re heading to a tropical destination on this list or somewhere else (or island is simply a state of mind while you’re at work), our quality dress shirts and short-sleeve button-ups are just what you’re looking for. Shop men’s fashion with Stone Rose today to find your new favorite button-up shirt, short-sleeve henley, or men’s vacation shirt.