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7 Indications That You Are In A Style Rut

Some people like to say that men have it easy when it comes to fashion. While this may be true when you consider the lack of high heels and shapewear...

Some people like to say that men have it easy when it comes to fashion. While this may be true when you consider the lack of high heels and shapewear that we have to wear on a daily basis, it is still relatively easy for a man to get into a rut where his style is concerned. After all, finding your comfort zone in men’s fashion is where a rut can easily begin and you certainly can’t be faulted for liking the things you do. On the other hand, being unfashionable starts in a rut and therefore, should be avoided at all costs. Below you can discover what sort of choices result in men finding themselves in a fashion rut as well as what they can do to reverse to effects of a boring and worn out wardrobe.

You have been buying the same jeans for years.

If you have only bought jeans from one place for the last decade, you may not realize that you have entered a style rut. While these jeans might fit you just the way you want them to, there may be an even better style or fit out there for you and you simply don’t know it. Being unwilling to try new things will almost always result in you becoming boring. This is true whether we are talking about your wardrobe or just your day to day life. In order to give yourself a chance at remaining fashionable, we would  suggest that you try something besides your regular jean choice. Even if you choose to stick with your favorite fit and simply change what sort of wash is on your jeans, at least you won’t be considered predictable.

You hold onto things that have gone out of style.

Often saying ‘goodbye’ to a piece of clothing you have been wearing for years can be difficult. However, keeping all the clothes that you wore your senior year of college likely isn’t doing your overall fashion persona any good. If you have clothes that are obviously dated, faded and/or falling apart, it’s time to give them the boot. A good way to determine which pieces you should take out of your closet is to donate anything that you haven’t worn in a year or more.

All of your shirts look the same.

We are all a tad guilty of finding something we like and sticking with it from time to time. However, if you have been buying the same variant of a button up for years, only in different colors, it may be time for you to press ‘pause’ on that fashion choice. Give a bit of life to your wardrobe by adding pieces to it that are unlike what you already own. For example, if oxford shirts are what you typically wear, try investing in something that have a grandad collar or perhaps trying buying some high quality polo shirts.

Different articles of clothing don’t compliment one another.

One of the best ways you can help yourself when considering your overall fashion is to purchase articles of clothing that can be easily worn with one another. Having a general color scheme and grouping your clothing based off of that will not only help you to match but it will also make getting dressed in the morning much easier. The best way to do this is to think to yourself “What can I wear this with?” each time you are about to purchase a new article of clothing.

You have kept the same silhouette.

While style is considered to be timeless, your body is not. This means that your shape is going to change over time which means that your silhouette should as well. If you are someone who really likes to wear tailored clothing, we understand. However, if you continue to wear to same silhouette even after putting on 10 pounds during the holidays or if you simply never switch up the fits you wear even as your body shape remains the same, you may want to consider doing so.

You’re essentially wearing a uniform.

Consider the outfits you have worn the last three days. If you were to look at them in grayscale, would you even be able to tell that they were different? Many men get into the habit of wearing essentially the same things every single day. This sort of predictable wardrobe isn’t doing them any favors. Try something out of comfort zone every once in awhile to keep things interesting.

You only wear monochrome.

Wearing the same color top and pants may look good from time to time. Additionally, you likely are a fan of this fashion choice because you know there is no way you will end up not matching. However, dressing in monochrome can get really boring really quickly. Therefore, try not to do it too often if you want to be stylish.

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