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You’ll Fit In On Millionaire’s Row In These Kentucky Derby Looks From Stone Rose

When you think of the Kentucky Derby, it’s likely that your mind immediately is transported to a place where all the women are wearing extravagant hats and every person young...

When you think of the Kentucky Derby, it’s likely that your mind immediately is transported to a place where all the women are wearing extravagant hats and every person young and old has a Mint Julep in hand. Let it suffice to say that for Kentuckians, as well as others all over the country, the Derby is one of the most exciting days of the year. Even if the Run for the Roses isn’t the most important event you will attend this year, it’s likely that you have already started to think about what you should wear to this special occasion.

Even if you are someone who doesn’t often put too much thought into your personal fashion sense, when it comes to the Derby, being a fashionable is a must. On the other hand, there are other things you have to take into consideration when you are choosing the right attire for the Derby. First of all, Churchill Downs in May isn’t always the easiest environment to remain looking put-together in. You will be spending several hours with the sun beating down on you, while simultaneously drinking cocktails. You need to know that you can both have fun and look great at the Derby. You just have to know the right thing to wear.

Shorts Are Not An Option

While you probably will wish you were able to wear shorts in the Kentucky heat, we hate to tell you that this is not really an option. The Derby is a special occasion and if you want to look like it’s not your first time at this event, you need to dress as such. Churchill Downs veterans often say, “horse racing is not a game meant for boys in short pants.” This means if the jockeys are wearing pants during the race, the least you can do is wear pants when you’re simply watching on the sidelines.

Should You Wear A Suit?

One of the main concerns from men who attend the Derby is whether or not they should wear a suit on this special day. Here are the rules: If you have a ticket that allows for you to have your own seat, or if you have a clubhouse admission ticket, a suit is a good idea. We would suggest that you opt for a suit that is light in weight. Think cotton and linens so that you don’t die of a heat stroke before the main race even begins.

Find Inspiration

Photos of past derby-goers can help you to understand what sort of ensembles you should be wearing. Remember that colors are always a good idea for an occasion like this. Just be sure that you have a color scheme and that you aren’t wearing every color in the rainbow at once. Overdoing it is just as unfashionable as being underdressed or another fashion faux pas.

Rely On The Shirt

Another place you are sure to find inspiration for the perfect Derby Day outfit is in the new arrivals that we now have in store at Stone Rose. You can find several understated and classic button downs that are perfect for this special day. Specifically, we think our Mint Peacock Feather Print Shirt was made for this occasion. We also have a number of colorful and patterned shirts if you are looking for something a little more attention-grabbing. We would recommend our Berry Geometric Print Long Sleeve Shirt.

Shop Stone Rose For Kentucky Derby Looks

The Kentucky Derby is May 5th which means you should probably start planning your ensemble as soon as possible. The best place for you to start is at Stone Rose. Shop our new arrivals collection today and find out what it means to be one of the most fashionable people at one of the most exciting events to happen each year.

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