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Why Collared Shirts Are, and Forever Will Be Timeless

Since what feels like the beginning of time collared shirts have existed, never falling off of the fashion throne. While that might seem like a simple feat, it’s not, as...

Since what feels like the beginning of time collared shirts have existed, never falling off of the fashion throne. While that might seem like a simple feat, it’s not, as most fashion trends can be seen falling off the plane of relevance a seemingly short while after their introduction and rise to popularity. At Stone Rose, we love collared shirts, and that’s why we make them with the highest quality materials so that men like you can look good, and also feel good. Today we are going to discuss the origin of the beloved collared shirt, and why we think that the collared shirt has only just begun its tenure as a fashion trend.

Timelessness Always Starts Somewhere

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, timeless is described as “not restricted to a time or date”, and here at Stone Rose, we would have to insist that the definition fits when you're discussing collared shirts.

Men’s high-end fashion has always been a fickle industry, with fashion trends coming-and-going, only to soon forget about,  but collared shirts have been around since they first appeared in the Western world in the middle of the 1500s. As time went on, the at-the-time obscure trend began to gain popularity, eventually becoming a symbol of wealth and importance.

Do you remember sitting in history class learning about Elizabethan England? If you do, you most likely remember the large ruffle collars that the elite class wore, most popularly portrayed on the entertainer known as William Shakespeare. It was at this moment that the modern idea of the collar was born, granted that now it is much more appealing. While the men's shirt collar has changed many times since the days of the frilly Elizabethan collar, they have never been wiped off the map, proving its timelessness was off to a good start.

Once a Trend Takes Hold It Is Hard to Stop

While the frilly Elizabethan collar didn't survive the test of time collars still did, all it took was some tweaking of the original blueprints.

In the 1920s, the true modern collar was born, knocking the detachable collar that had been the norm since the mid-1800s out of the fashion world. While the less-than-great detachable collars did not have what it took to remain popular, they did serve a function as they were issued to soldier in World war I, but after the war was over the collar that we know and love today emerged.

By the mid-1920s, most shirt collars were once again attached to the shirts that they always belonged on. One of the largest similarities to the modern men’s dress shirt that emerged in this decade was the pointed collar, as most collars up until that time had been rounded and well… detachable. With the introduction of the attached collar, one of our favorite looks here at Stone Rose was introduced to the world; the casually unbuttoned shirt collar. The unbuttoned collar look is an important staple in modern fashion because it gives the wearer a relaxed yet semi-casual look that is sure to demand attention at the next barbecue or picnic that you attend.

Timelessness With a Twist

While the 1920s built the modern collared shirt, the 1970s added the colors. In the 1970s disco ruled popular culture in the United States, bringing color into a world of gray, or in this case, bringing color into a world of drably colored textiles. Shirts in the 1970’s took on a drastically different style than that of its predecessor with largely pointed collars and a strict “don't you dare” policy on buttoning up the top four-five buttons. To add to it, the colors, prints, and patterns on the shirts were as crazy as the disco shows that they were worn too.

While this take on a classic collared shirt seems to be far from relevant when talking about the classic fitted shirts for men that we know today, it's quite the contrary. The disco shirt showed people everywhere that a colorful collared shirt could still look stylish. At Stone Rose, we are extremely glad that the disco era proved that colors and patterns are acceptable in the men's fashion industry, because we love bringing men everywhere high-quality men's dress shirts that aren't boring, but instead bring color to a world of grey.

Keep The Tradition Alive

 When collared shirts first became popular in the 1500’s the collar represented the wealth and status of the person wearing it. While that's not what collared shirts represent now, at Stone rose we still do think that collared shirts represent something; the man who knows what style truly is.

At Stone Rose, we love the collared shirt and that is pretty obvious with our various styles of high-quality men's dress shirts. Collared shirts are an example of how high-end men’s fashion can be relaxed and casual while also maintaining its stylish and elegant subtleties. Whether you’re wearing a knit shirt for men with the top button undone during a day at the park, or wearing a fitted shirt for men with a tie, blazer,  and designer cufflinks, a collared shirt is sure to capture your personality and show your style in any setting.

Shop men’s fashion like high-quality men’s dress shirts online today with us at Stone Rose.

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