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What Women Want: Dressing To Catch Her Attention

It’s pretty common that you will hear people say that women don’t dress for men, they dress for other women. But when it comes to men’s fashion, who exactly are...

It’s pretty common that you will hear people say that women don’t dress for men, they dress for other women. But when it comes to men’s fashion, who exactly are the boy dressing for? It’s our opinion that men do actually dress for the opposite sex, but if they are doing it all wrong, what even is the use? Believe us, we understand that dressing to get the attention of women, or in some cases, a specific woman, can be a huge struggle. After all, women know a lot about style and fashion, which can make them relatively judgy about it from time to time. On the other hand, you don’t have to be Gerard Butler to get a lady’s attention. All you really need is some fashion advice and the right online men’s store to shop at. You can find both when you continue reading below.

Stick with the Classics

One of the biggest mistakes men make with their wardrobe choices occurs when they try to be too flashy. Women absolutely love all things classic. From a classic dirty martini to a classic car, you can bet you will catch her eye when you stick to the classic color combo of black, white, and navy. Additionally, crew necks, sweater and blazers are all classic items you should have in your closet.

Always Rely on Denim

Everyone loves denim. But when it comes to women, they won’t be able to take their eyes off of you when you’re sporting the right pair of jeans. Make sure you have the perfect fit and then dress them up or down depending on your day’s plans. Be sure, however, that you don’t purchase any jeans with jewels on the back pockets or that come in acid wash. Stick to the classic look, as we mentioned above.

Don’t Look Like a Slob

There is nothing that will send a woman running in the opposite direction faster than a grown man who looks as though he cannot take care of himself. You need to show ladies that you are put together. Make sure that the buttons on your shirt are fastened correctly, that your shoes and your belt match, and that your clothes fit properly. Otherwise, you could blow your chance before you ever work up the nerve to talk to her.

Avoid Trying Too Hard

While you do need to look at those you aren’t a disheveled mess, you also need to remember that coming off as attention-seeking is not an attractive thing to do either. If there is a new style trend that you want to try out, that’s fine, just don’t try to sport them all at once. Talk about looking desperate.

Don’t Forget the Accessories

As a man, it’s not likely that you own too many accessories. On the other hand, the ones that you do own should speak volumes (in a good way, of course). In our experience, wearing a bunch of rings, chains, or earrings aren’t likely to do you much good if you are looking to impress her. We would keep accessories to the classics as well, and by that we mean, get a few good belt, some cufflinks, and a pocket square, nothing more.

Switch Things Up Sometimes

If you are someone who normally sticks to wearing neutral colors, you may want to surprise her from time to time by sporting a new pattern or a pop of color. Make sure you save these looks for special occasions, however.

Don’t Abandon Hygiene

One of the most important aspects of getting the attention of a woman who you are interested in, has absolutely nothing to do with how you are dressed. If you have poor hygiene, you can kiss any chance you have of taking her out on the town goodbye. Always use deodorant and and make sure that you wash you hair so that it doesn’t appear greasy.

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