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Want Style and Function? Try Out The Stone Rose Summer T-Series

One of the most difficult things about being fashionable all year long is that weather can severely get in the way of your style. After all, how can you be...

One of the most difficult things about being fashionable all year long is that weather can severely get in the way of your style. After all, how can you be expected to put together an ensemble if you can’t wear your favorite articles of clothing without sweating through them? At Stone Rose, we want our customers to be able to sport their own personal style every month of the year while also being able to experience optimum comfort. This is precisely why we developed our new T-series, technology collection. This new collection is for the professional man on the move. These shirts are best for that man who needs to be able to go from the gym to the office, to happy hour or a nice dinner with friends or that someone special.

The best part? You won’t just find these shirts in solid colors like you would normally expect to purchase other activewear polos or button ups. With the T-series, you get the same high fashion look but with added comfort and breathability. Let’s take a closer look at some of the features of the T-series as well as some of our favorite items in this recently released collection.

What Makes The T-Series Special?

When we say these shirts are made for the businessman on the go, we don’t just mean that you won’t be too hot to wear them as you travel from one place to another during the hot July mornings. While they absolutely can do just that, there are also other issues that these shirts were made to address. These include the ability to block odors, resist wrinkles, and dry quickly. With so many amazing features, you are likely going to want to wear something from the T-Series as often as you possibly can. Below you can find a few occasions to which we think these shirts would be the perfect choice.

An Important Meeting

If you have an important meeting or presentation happening at your office, you likely have enough to worry about already. This makes it even more nerve-racking to think about the fact that your anxiety could be showing in the form of pit stains beneath your arms as you engage with your co-workers and higher-ups. If you want to know that you look professional and put-together in a high-pressure situation at work, the T-Series can help. We would suggest something that says you are relaxed without giving you the appearance of being dressed too casually. Something like our Gray Two Tone Technical Knit Polo or the Blue Textured Knit Short Sleeve Shirt for best results.

Mid-Summer Weddings

Everyone wants to look nice when they attend the wedding of someone or two people who are especially important to them. On the other hand, this becomes increasingly more difficult to do when it is 100 degrees outside. If you want to feel comfortable and look great at the next outdoor wedding you are invited to, the T-Series is the perfect place to start. We would stick with a sophisticated White Textured Knit Long Sleeve Shirt or if the event is a bit more relaxed, you may want to try something a bit more fun like our White Dot Print Shirt Sleeve Techno Knit.

A Day on The Lake

While you probably won’t be wearing a shirt the entire time you are spending a day at the lake, you certainly want to have something on that will allow for you to be comfortable when you do need to shield your skin from the sun. Any of the shirt in the T-Series can do just that. Simply pick out a color that matches with your favorite swim trunks and get ready for an enjoyable day on the water.

Shop The New T-Series Today

It’s about time that fashion took your overall comfort into account. If you are ready to have both great looking ensembles and a wardrobe that lets you breathe, start shopping our newest collection today!

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