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There’s More Power In Your Wardrobe Than You Know

At some point in every man’s life, someone will tell him to “dress for success,” or “dress for the job that you want, not the job that you have.” While...

At some point in every man’s life, someone will tell him to “dress for success,” or “dress for the job that you want, not the job that you have.” While at the time you more than likely just shrugged it off and went on with your day, you’re probably starting to see that all those people were, in a sense, right. Granted, you can do well and be successful dressing like a scrub, but that's not how you want to be remembered. There is a certain power that dressing well gives a man, and in today's post, we are going to talk about how your wardrobe can influence you in your day-to-day life.

Success Is for The Well-Dressed

You probably (and reluctantly) remember all of those times when you were a kid that you heard someone say “dress for success” and you shrugged it off, but even though you shrugged it off you remember the saying. This is because even though you wanted to believe that dressing well does not affect day-to-day life, you somehow knew that maybe someday it could.

Today is that day because while dressing for success isn't alone going to bring you success, it is sure going to help. Studies conducted by Yale in 2014 found that when someone dresses formally for work or social gatherings that they are perceived to be more empowered by those around them while also feeling more empowered themselves. Why would you want to feel empowered you might ask? Well, good things come to those who feel empowered. People who act more confidently are likely to make more money, and receive more responsibility at work. Climbing the corporate ladder isn't going to happen just because you're wearing quality dress shirts with designer pocket squares to work, but if you pair men’s high-end fashion with confidence and hard work, you are more likely to get the promotion than the other guy.

Look Good, Feel Good

You might be asking yourself, “How do I get that feeling of empowerment simply from dressing well?”, and the answer is simple--looking good makes you feel good. As we grow older we start to associate certain things with feeling good, things such as wearing workout clothing to exercise, as well as getting dressed up to go to special events. The issue is that at some point in your life, someone told you that you could only dress up for special events. Dressing up and making a fashionable statement is a wonderful feeling, and whether you're doing so by wearing a high-quality men's dress shirt to a casual family event or wearing designer cufflinks for men to accent your slim-cut  suit at an award ceremony, you are not only going to look better, but you're also going to feel better. You won't be the only one to notice either, and that’s a promise!

Confidence Is Key

Clothing is just one of many ways for someone to gain confidence, but it is often the most overlooked. There is an immense amount of power just hanging inside your closet, sitting there, waiting to be worn. Clothing has more power to influence how we feel than we truly realize. In fact, the clothes that we wear can also change how we think, including the amount of confidence we have in ourselves while completing a task.

In a study conducted by the Kellogg School of Medicine, it was found that simply wearing a symbolic piece of clothing can change one's confidence and self-esteem. In the study, students were tasked with taking various tasks and activities. Some students wore white doctors coats and others did not, but both groups completed the same tasks and participated in the same activities. The students that wore the doctor's coats were more engaging and analytical during the tasks and activities than the other kids as if they were trying to embody the authority and knowledge of a doctor. In a sense, the lab coat gave them the confidence that they already had, but couldn't see for themselves.

While you might not have a lab coat on your closet to give you that extra little confidence boost that you didn't even know you needed, there is a good chance that you have some fitted or knit shirts for men, and you can find the same confidence from knowing that you look good as wearing a white lab coat.

What's that? You don't have any men’s high-end fashion hanging in your closet? Lucky for you, we have a great selection of fitted shirts for men, knit shirts for men, knitted sweaters for men, and so much more. Visit our site today and get some confidence in your closet.

Why Stone Rose?

At Stone Rose, we have a large selection of men’s high-end designer fashion, and we think that our clothing could help you start Spring of 2018 with confidence. Check out our Spring 2018 Style Guide for fresh ideas and inspiration to update your closet. Get the insider information on what colors, patterns, and fabrics that are in style and you will be the trendsetter this spring.

There is more power in your wardrobe than you think, so grab something out of it, throw it on and remember what it feels like to look good and feel good. Visit us on our website and check out our stylish collections of men’s designer clothes today.

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