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The Stone Rose Henley: Your New Favorite Fall Staple

We know you probably have your favorite sweaters and button ups for fall just waiting in your closet to be worn. When it comes to the summer fading and the...

We know you probably have your favorite sweaters and button ups for fall just waiting in your closet to be worn. When it comes to the summer fading and the arrival of autumn, we all know what the staples are. With layering comes a number of vests and long sleeved shirts, but there may be a fall staple that you don’t own yet, and this one is a must-have.

In case you aren’t familiar with what a Henley is, this pullover shirt is the perfect combination between a polo shirt and a t-shirt, but with a much more sophisticated feel than the aforementioned summer wear. With a round neckline with a placket containing two to six buttons, this collarless long sleeved shirt is the item you are sure to wear more than any other on those brisk autumn days that are on their way. The Henley has such a great reputation because it truly offers the best aspects of all of your favorite articles of clothing. Continue reading below to learn what those are and why your wardrobe won’t be complete without a Henley in it.


Being versatile is probably one of the things that Henleys are best known for. Because it is a multipurpose piece of clothing, you can wear this men’s shirt alone with your favorite pair of jeans or with some chinos and a light autumn sweater. As the perfect base to any ensemble, the Henley will transition well from summer to fall and then from fall to winter. Additionally, you can choose how heavy you would like for the material to be when you purchase yours, so that whether there is a light breeze outside or it starts to snow early this year, you’ll be comfortable and fashionable.


When you purchase your Henley from a manufacturer of high-quality menswear, you can be sure that it will last. Our Henleys at Stone Rose will not only last you through this fall, but through the next and the one after that. Fine stitching and the very best materials make for a durable shirt unlike any you have ever owned. This is just another reason your Henley is sure to be your new favorite top.


When it comes to men’s dress shirts, it’s unlikely that you will be able to find one that costs less than $100, unless it was meant to last you one wear. This is another perk to Henleys. They are affordable for what they are offering: comfort, fashion and versatility. The Henleys in our Fall 2017 Collection are being sold for only $80 and they will absolutely be worth more than that to both you and your cumulative wardrobe.

High Fashion

Our personal favorite benefit to investing in a Henley is that it makes you look fashionable without even trying. Isn’t that what we’re all going for anyway? To look like you just rolled out of bed and could appear on the pages of GQ? The Henley achieves this aesthetic perfectly. Making even the simplest outfits look like perfection.

Shop Stone Rose For Fall

If you are ready to start investing in the perfect fall wardrobe, a Henley needs to be on your shopping list. Specifically, a Henley from Stone Rose. Start shopping our Fall 2017 Collection today and find everything you need to look flawless next season.



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