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The Men’s Summer Dress Shirt: Fashion & Comfort

by Bold Support |

At Stone Rose, we are always looking for ways we can set our clothing apart from those others that our customers have the option of wearing. We don’t do this for any other reason than knowing that we are capable of creating a product that is far superior to other clothing options on the market. With each new season, we at Stone Rose, try to expand our collection to benefit the working man, the young professional, the stylish father. There is no one ‘type’ of man that we aspire to appeal to. Instead, we look at the big picture, and the big picture is this: your clothing needs to be fashionable and functional at all times. This is never truer than it is during the summer months. While we wish there was no reason for anyone to have to sport a dress shirt when the sun is beating down and the humidity is high, this simply is not the case. However, when you shop Stone Rose, you can choose an article of clothing from a number of different collections we house in our online store and look great while feeling even better. Check out our most popular summer collections below and start shopping the one that sounds most like you!

The Technical Collection

Our most recently launched collection was created to give you a little more room to breathe both literally and metaphorically. The T-Series collection is a line of performance tailored menswear that is made with Dri-Balance fabrics. This means that is will allow for you to block odors, resist wrinkles, and more, even on the hottest days of the year. This collection also offers both long sleeved and short sleeved shirts so that no matter what you are thinking of wearing, you can do so with ease and breathability.

Short Sleeve Shirt Collection

We know for a fact that our short sleeve shirt collection at Stone Rose is perfect for summer. Not only do these cuts allow for you to be comfortable during the hotter months, but they also come in a number of colors and prints, perfect for your personal sense of style no matter what that may be. Some of our favorites from summer include our Orange Monkey Print Short Sleeve Shirt and our Peach Circle Print Short Sleeve Shirt. Want something a bit less attention-grabbing? We have you covered there too!

Web Exclusive Collection

Stone Rose also recently launched an exclusive online collection of men’s shirts as well. We like to think of this collection as containing some of the most reserved of styles in our entire online selection. If you are someone who doesn’t often wear prints that sport chimpanzees in bowler hats, this is likely the right collection for you. We would suggest you order the Navy Floral Ditsy Print Short Sleeve Knit Shirt or the Turquoise Flame Knit Short Sleeve Shirt to start. These staples will go wonderfully with any ensemble you put together this summer season.

The Polo Collection

Polos are absolutely a staple for summer when it comes to men’s fashion. While we know you can find polos at nearly any store you shop, we know you can’t find polos like ours. Not only do we have a myriad of colors and prints you can choose from, but we also offer the finest polos when it comes to craftsmanship and fit. Check out the polo collection to find the proper polos for you this summer.

Shop Stone Rose For Summer

Regardless of what sort of shirt you are shopping for this summer, we know we have what you are looking for at Stone Rose. With such a large collection of men’s high-quality shirts, how could we not? Start shopping for summer right now!

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