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The Difference Between Fashion and Style

Not every man knows how to dress. Even if you do put even the slightest bit of effort into your appearance, you may be surprised to find out that fashion...

Not every man knows how to dress. Even if you do put even the slightest bit of effort into your appearance, you may be surprised to find out that fashion and style are not the same thing. If you need to know the difference between the two, it is this: fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it. These days, it’s extremely easy to draw inspiration from what others wear and form your own personal sense of style based off of that. On the other hand, much of the time when men try to emulate another person’s style, they just end up copying it. If you want to learn how to prevent this from happening, continue reading below and find out how you can create your own style that is only specific to you, rather than just being an imitation of someone else.

Pick one attention-grabbing item

The key to developing your own style is to pick one bold item to wear and then keep everything else neutral. Whether you pick out a pair of shoes that demand attention, a vest that draws the eye, or even something as simple as a fashionable pair of sunglasses, you need to have a signature. When it comes to your everyday outfits, your one item should play the main role, with everything else just acting as support..

Don’t skimp on details

While you may have one main item that is demanding attention in your outfit, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put effort into adding small details to your outfit. Consider adding subtle pieces to your ensemble like pocket squares, patterned socks, and more. Sticking to neutrals when it comes to the majority of what you’re wearing will make those tiny fashion choices stand out, creating your own signature look.

Consider high-low looks

Much of the time people form their outfits by choosing whether they want to look casual or dressy. While this may be the right move for certain events, you shouldn’t be afraid to mix the two a bit. When you combine both dressy and casual, you can pull off that effortlessly cool look that people who are known for their personal style have. We would suggest that you combine a pair of dark jeans with a classic button up and a blazer. Additionally, wearing a plain t shirt with some fitted slacks or joggers is also a great way to combine a fancy and free spirited look. Not to mention, there is nothing that will get you points faster in fashion than making it look as though you put zero effort into what you are wearing.

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