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The Best Men’s Long Sleeve Shirts For Fall

There are so many wonderful things about fall. Whether you love the crispness in the air or watching the colors of the leaves change, we can all agree that this...

There are so many wonderful things about fall. Whether you love the crispness in the air or watching the colors of the leaves change, we can all agree that this time of year is one of the best. Another great thing about fall is the fashion that comes along with it. Long sleeves are finally comfortable to wear again, not to mention, outfits tend to come together a lot better when you have the ability to wear layers.

We’re extremely excited to have launched our Fall 2017 Collection at Stone Rose because it is brimming with the most essential articles of clothing for the gentleman’s autumn wardrobe. If you are ready to start building your new favorite fall ensembles, check out what we have to offer below.


If you want to remain comfortable this fall, Henleys are the answer. With ultra lightweight fabric, made solely from viscose, a Henley can be worn to a casual Sunday brunch or under a blazer for a more sophisticated look. The material Stone Rose uses to make their Henleys is wrinkle resistant, making these shirts perfect for when you are on the go as well. You can even sport your Henley to the gym, as it works well as activewear.

Long Sleeve Button Downs

Put away those summer t-shirts and tanks and pull out your long sleeve button downs. If you don’t have any men’s button up shirts from Stone Rose, then it’s time to invest in them. We have a number of new styles like our Electric Blue Bold FX Stripe Button Down. This men’s shirt is perfect for a regular day at the office or for dinner with your parents when they’re in town for the night. Made of 97 percent cotton, these button downs are ideal for comfort while also supplying a perfect tailored fit.

Long Sleeve Printed Shirts

Prints are in this season and if you don’t currently have any as part of your wardrobe, we have you covered at Stone Rose. Take our Gray Triangle FX Print Button Down, for instance. Making a statement has never been easier than with this multidimensional digital print with distressed shadowing. Another perk is that these shirts are made to provide both fashion and comfort. With extra stretch and beautiful ribbon detailing, you can look sophisticated while being completely at ease.

Textured Long Sleeve Shirts

If patterns aren’t something you particularly like, you still don’t have to wear anything that is considered boring. Textured button downs are a great alternative to printed shirts because they provide dimension without drawing as much attention as a pattern would. Our textured shirts are just as comfortable as the rest of this collection and they are offered in a several colors as well. You may be interested in our Navy Wolf Texture FX Long Sleeve Shirt. In a beautiful deep blue, this shirt can be worn to any occasion.

Knit Polos

Our collection of polos may be our favorite aspect of the Fall Collection. Made with technical fabric with extra stretch and a heathered pattern, these are absolutely the perfect men’s top for fall. These knit polos are great for those crisp fall days as they layer easily and look great whether they are worn beneath a jacket or a pullover sweater. Try out our Black Flame Knit Long Sleeve Polo on for size, we know you’re going to agree with us, these shirts are must-haves.

Shop Our Fall 2017 Collection

If you are ready to start shopping for the best that fall has to offer at Stone Rose, we suggest you begin shopping our collection right now. Whether you are in the market for a henley, polo, knit, or long sleeve button down for fall, you won’t find styles like this anywhere but Stone Rose Clothing.
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