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Style Mistakes That Could Be Ruining Your Career

You go to work every single day. You work hard. You go above and beyond to ensure that you have done every task that is assigned to you to the...

You go to work every single day. You work hard. You go above and beyond to ensure that you have done every task that is assigned to you to the best of your ability. However, for some reason, it seems that you can’t seem to get the recognition you think you deserve. What’s the problem?

If it makes you feel any better, you’re not the only person who is experiencing this situation. There are plenty of men who, despite their rigorous effort at the office, can’t seem to get that promotion or even the recognition they desire. The good news? You can turn it all around with one simple fix: taking your personal fashion into account.

You’ve likely heard the saying “Don’t dress for the job you have, dress for the job you want.” At Stone Rose, we couldn’t give you better advice than that. If you feel as though your career has become stagnant and you aren’t sure how to get things moving again, it’s time to update your appearance and wardrobe.

First Impression DO Matter

Sure, you may be tired of hearing it, but the impression you first make on someone is a lasting impression. While your boss may know that you are a stand-up guy who puts great effort into his work, your wrinkled button up and college-esque khakis are not inspiring much confidence in how your meetings with other employees and clients go. When you first meet a client, or when you show up for an in-office meeting in an outfit that looks as though it just came out of the laundry basket, you aren’t setting expectations very high for the quality of your work.

The Small Details

Your appearance is definitely about more than just the clothes you wear, however. The small details will resonate with coworkers and clients alike. This means you need to look down at your fingernails right this second. Do they have dirt embedded beneath them? Do you have dozens of hangnails? How about your facial hair? When was the last time you trimmed it to make yourself look less like a vagrant and more like a professional businessman? While you may not notice these things on a daily basis, people in your office are likely to notice fairly easily.

The Wardrobe

While there was definitely a time in your life that your casual wear was something as simple as a graphic t-shirt and a pair of ripped up jeans, those days are long gone. It’s time for you to embrace that an adult man has an entirely different set of rules when it comes to “casual wear.” The new casual? Whether you’re heading to the office or to brunch with your closest friends, a pair of nice slacks and a fitted button down are your best bet. The worst thing that can happen? You’ll be the best dressed person in your morning meeting or at the restaurant and who doesn’t like that?

Shop Stone Rose Today

If you are tired of being passed up for career opportunities and you’re ready to transform your wardrobe for good, it’s time to shop Stone Rose. We have a large selection of men’s luxury button ups, slacks and more. Our men’s clothing in conjunction with your hard work could mean the difference between you sitting at the same desk this time next year or getting your very own office. Check out our selection now!

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