Style Hacks Every Professional Man Should Know

Even men who dress their best probably don't consider themselves to be extremely stylish in any capacity. And while men are more fashionable in today’s day and age than they have been in the past, it is few and far between who really know the secrets to looking great effortlessly. In short, being a stylish man requires obtaining a good amount of information. Check out the tips below that will allow for you to be at your most fashionable at any given time.

Safety Pins Are Your Best Friend

While it might take a few extra minutes putting on that extra button that fell off of your jacket or closing up a hole in your jeans, these actions can change the entire feel of an outfit you are wearing. Additionally, using safety pins to make your clothes look like new is easy, fast, and fairly discrete. Just make sure to always pin from the inside to prevent from reliving your high school punk days.

Clothes Don't Just Shrink

We have all been there a time or two. You put the wrong shirt in the washing machine and before you know it, the piece of clothing is two times smaller than it was before. The good news is that fabric stretches just as it shrinks. Pulling from both ends of the shirt at the same time you can help to expand the size and get it back to its original appearance. In other words, don't just throw away a shirt every time you put it in the rinse cycle accidentally.

You Can Change Your Shape

Clothing can actually do you a lot of good if you don't fight it. The trick is just knowing how to make your specific body type look great in different outfits. You can do this by layering multiple articles of clothing. This will break up your frame and make you to appear slimmer.

Put In The Extra Effort

When we talk about extra effort we don't mean buying expensive clothing that's going to leave you broke. In fact, staying sharp is actually pretty simple when it comes down to it. All you have to do is take two extra seconds to check that you look put-together before leaving the house. Do this by taking a quick look in the mirror. Then shove your hands in your pockets, spreading your fingers to ensure that the pocket material isn’t bunched up. Finish by bending down to straighten your socks and you're on your way. You might not think these little details matter but people see more than you think, especially in a professional space.

Not Sure How To Dress For An Occasion?

If you are heading to a restaurant or venue and you aren’t entirely sure what you should wear, we have a great tip. Rather than taking a guess and wearing something completely out of the norm, go onto Instagram and search the venue that you are visiting. There you can find photos of their latest guess and base your outfit off what other have already worn in those locales.

Wear Colors That Make You Look Great

There is no reason for you to wear certain colors if they are not going to enhance how you look. With that being said, you should determine which colors are best for complementing your personal skin tone. You can do this by standing in front of a mirror and holding up different pieces of fabric in a variety of colors. The colors that make your skin look brighter are the ones you should wear more often and the colors that make your skin look dull are the ones that you should avoid. Clothing is meant to make you look better and feel more confident. Therefore, if it isn’t doing just that, you probably should not be wearing it.

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