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Stone Rose Classics: The White Shirt

We have discussed the importance of keeping things simple when it comes to fashion and style as a man. The best rule of thumb for any man, especially someone who...

We have discussed the importance of keeping things simple when it comes to fashion and style as a man. The best rule of thumb for any man, especially someone who recently has decided to take this style more seriously, is to keep things as classic as possible. Of course, with time you can expand your wardrobe and begin to add more daring choices to your ensembles. However, the importance of the classic articles of clothing will never fade. With that said, it doesn’t get more classic or versatile than plain white shirts. We personally are fans of the plain white shirt in all of its forms. Whether it be a clean white tee, a casual polo, or a must-have white button down, white shirts are imperative to every man’s wardrobe. In this post, we are going to present you with some of our most popular Stone Rose classic white shirts, as well as inform you of how and when you should wear them.

Casual Wear

It’s likely that the first white shirt you ever became accustomed to as a man was a plain white t-shirt. Not only are they perfect for layering, but they also help you to channel your inner-most James Dean or Marlon Brando. While you may have been able to get away with wearing Hanes up until this point, it’s time that you invest in a white t-shirt that is going to actually last you. Personally, we are huge fans of our Soft White V-neck Modal T-Shirt. Its extra soft material and durable design makes it the perfect choice for wearing beneath your favorite button up, or even alone.

If you aren’t a fan of simply sporting a t-shirt, there are also other casual options you should consider. The Stone Rose White Long Sleeve Henley is a must-have for any guy who wants to look effortlessly stylish. You can wear it on its own now that the weather is warming up and then layer it with sweaters and more once winter rolls around.

Semi-Casual Occasions

Polos are our favorite men’s fashion item for spring and summer. We love them because they give you the ability to look nice without having to worry about sweating through the material. White polos specifically have a certain feel to them as they are reminiscent of the 1960s and the entire ‘Mad Men’ era if you will. While a solid white polo with a white collar is a great choice under any circumstances, we would suggest you try something just a little bit different this year. Currently, we are huge fans of the White Jersey Knit Polo with patterned collar. Wear this shirt to the bar, backyard barbecues, and more, just be sure to not spill anything on it!

For Work

When you are heading into the work week, it can be tempting to just fall back on your regular ensemble choices. However, you know what they say: Dress for the job you want, not the job you have. If you are looking for a way to climb the professional ladder, there is no better choice than to sport a white button up. Specifically, we keep getting rave reviews about our Men’s White Knit Long Sleeve Shirt. Made from 100 percent cotton, you can be comfortable throughout the day while you show off your great sense of style and professional air. Want to take a load off at happy hour after a long day? Roll up your sleeves and you’ll have an entirely new look.

For Special Occasions

We’ve covered this before, but every man should have a go-to white button up that he can wear anytime a big occasion comes around. Whether it is a wedding or a funeral, a white classic shirt like our Herringbone Button Up will make your outfit appropriate, stylish, and easy to put together.  The Mother of Pearl buttons and high-end fabric make this shirt one notch above the rest that reside in your closet currently.

Shop Men’s White Shirts At Stone Rose

If you are ready to fill your wardrobe with white shirts that can increase your personal style tenfold, Stone Rose is the only place you should be shopping. With a large selection that is constantly evolving, we have something for everyone. Check out our men’s shirts today!

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