While there was a time in your life that graphic tees and old ripped up jeans were appropriate and fashionable, now that you’ve entered the workforce, this is no longer the case. Being viewed as a professional has far more to do with your wardrobe than you will ever know. After all, when it comes to business, first impressions are everything. With one wrong outfit choice, you could prevent yourself from moving up in your company or your industry as a whole. This is why it is beyond important for you to begin to form a wardrobe that is stocked with the necessary garments a professional needs.

Stone Rose prides itself on having a large selection of men’s high quality dress shirts and more. Each item in our online store is meant to enhance your overall look and perception. Let’s talk about how you can begin to grow a wardrobe that will help you to scale the professional ladder and land you at the top.

What is A Lean Wardrobe?

It would be nice if you had unlimited funds to purchase an extensive professional wardrobe, but chances are this is not the case. This is where the lean wardrobe comes in. A lean wardrobe is classified as the minimum number of items that you need in order to create a well-rounded and flexible wardrobe that will suit your daily life. Having a ton of clothing, none of which you actually want to wear isn’t going to do you any good. The key to creating a lean wardrobe is purchasing staple pieces that will last you and can also be mixed and matched with other staple items like it.

Who Should Have A Lean Wardrobe?

The best thing about a lean wardrobe is that it is something every person can use. The practice of limiting your wardrobe to a small collection of items will help you to build a wardrobe regardless of your age, body type or budget. While some people think this sort of thing sounds quite limiting, the key is purchasing versatile garments that you can wear each and every day, regardless of what you have planned or where you are heading.

What Do You Need?

So how can you begin to put together a wardrobe that will work for you day in and day out? The first step is to begin shopping at Stone Rose. With one of the internet’s best collections of men’s quality polo shirts, luxury dress shirts and more, you will be able to find the versatile types of items that we mentioned above. For starters, we would suggest investing in the staple of all staples: the solid collared button up. We would suggest something like our Men’s Textured Button Up Shirt in Gray. This classic high quality men’s dress shirt will go perfectly with pair of fitted jeans or with your favorite slacks. If this luxury dress shirt isn’t your taste, there are plenty more for you to browse on our site. Check out all the styles we have to offer and begin building your lean wardrobe today!

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