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Say “Goodbye” To Your College Style Once And For All

For many men, dressing well isn’t something that just comes naturally. It’s a skill just like knowing how to change a tire or speaking in public. It takes time, it...

For many men, dressing well isn’t something that just comes naturally. It’s a skill just like knowing how to change a tire or speaking in public. It takes time, it takes persistence, and it takes an open-minded attitude. When you first begin, you likely have a lot of questions and you might even have the desire to just give up. However, with the right assistance, forming a great sense of style doesn’t have to be that difficult. If you want to know how to leave that laidback jeans and a t-shirt look in the past and move towards something more sophisticated and professional, Stone Rose has you covered. Continue reading below for the secrets to having an adult male style that others envy.

Start From Scratch

When you decide that it’s time to revamp your style, it’s a good idea to keep some of the clothes you own rather than throw them all out at once. After all, you at least need something to wear while your new wardrobe begins to come to fruition. On the other hand, you should begin to prepare yourself for slowly making space in your closet for your new style and eventually getting rid of most of your old clothing. Trust us, we know it’s going to be hard to get rid of some of your favorites but in order to make progress, it must be done.

You Don’t Know Anything

While you might think you know a lot about fashion, it’s best to wipe the slate clean and start from scratch when reworking your style. You may have some idea what’s in style, but you could be wrong. Much of the time, men have ideas about what is important in fashion and what is not, and while you truly can wear whatever you like, if you want to be fashionable, you need to be sure. It may turn out that you do have some idea what you should wear and what you shouldn’t but adopting the attitude that you may not know everything already is a good place to start.

Begin With The Basics

The key to building a solid wardrobe for both men and women is to get all of the staple items that will make it easy to build ensembles. When you master the basics alone, you’re already more than halfway to understanding how to be stylish. However, make sure you are getting the basics correct. Failing to do this could completely derail your desire to dress fashionably. Some of the basics you will absolutely want to invest in are a white button down shirt, a pale blue button down shirt, several solid colored knit shirts, navy chinos, leather loafers, etc.

Start Simple

Remember, men’s style isn’t about being extravagant. You need a simple formula in order to look professional and put together every day. Each time you put together an outfit, ask yourself, “Is this too complicated?” If the answer is yes, you may want to remove a component.

Consider Fit First

One of the biggest mistakes men make when they are dressing themselves is choosing clothing that does not fit them the way it should. The contour of the shirt should sit on the curves of your body. Having oversized clothing on just makes your body look odd and does not look professional whatsoever.

Keep Things Concise

While it might be tempting to invest in every piece of clothing that appeals to you, we would urge you not to. Being specific about the articles that will be part of your wardrobe is imperative. Not only will this result in you having a closet that is spic and span, but it will also help you to form better ensembles when you have fewer pieces to choose from.

Add Options Slowly

Keep in mind that you don’t want to be the man who wears the same things every single week. Keeping this in mind, you should add a new piece to your closet here and there. Just make sure that any new articles of clothing you invest in can be worn with the staples you already own.

Layers Are Your Friends

Knowing the proper way to layer is clothing is also extremely important when you are transforming into a more stylish guy. Since you have already invested in articles of clothing that work well together, layering them should be a breeze. Not to mention, layering can give the same old shirt or jacket a completely new feel.

Leave Trends Behind

Trust us, there are going to be plenty of trends you begin to notice now that you are taking fashion more seriously. Take a page from our book and just ignore them. The men who are the most fashionable know that sticking with the basics is always more stylish than trying to change your wardrobe every time a new trend pops up.

Wear Colors Sparingly

We love a good pop of color every once in awhile (especially when it comes to prints), but neutral colors should be your go-to. It’s much harder to wear clashing neutrals than it is to wear vibrant colors that clash. If you like color, be sure that you are just wearing one at a time and that should prevent any fashion faux pas.

Be Confident

Style is all about confidence. If you feel good in something, you’re going to look better. If you put on an outfit and you don’t feel like the best version of yourself, then put on something else. There is no shame in changing your mind in the name of dressing well.

Shop Stone Rose

As one of the most trusted and high quality producers of men’s clothing, Stone Rose has the inside information regarding the latest trends and the looks that will never go out of style. If you are wanting to change your wardrobe before spring, you can use our 2018 Spring Style Guide. Trust us, we know what we are talking about when it comes to men’s fashion. Shop Stone Rose right now!

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