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Men's Fashion Trends To Look Out For This Fall

Fall has arrived and you couldn’t be more thrilled — you can finally start layering without fear of sweating out of every article of clothing you wear. You really just...

Fall has arrived and you couldn’t be more thrilled — you can finally start layering without fear of sweating out of every article of clothing you wear. You really just want to feel cozy as these colder months are encroaching on us, and looking good at the same time wouldn’t be so bad. Stone Rose has you covered.

Read our blog today to learn about men’s casual fall fashion, men’s fall shirts, and what you need to turn this into your best pumpkin-eating, leaves-crunching, scary-movies-watching season yet. Shop men’s fashion with us today.   

Earth Tones

When it comes to men’s casual fall fashion, 2018 is all about those earth tones. Invite rusty reds, burnt oranges, deep yellows, olive greens, crisp grays, and rich browns into your wardrobe and they’ll keep you warm and trendy all season long. Brown is all the rage right now, so from your high-quality men’s dress shirts down to your Chelsea boots and back up to your designer pocket squares, embrace those chocolatey tones.

Knit Polos

When you’re shopping for polo shirts online, be sure to check the material. Cotton polos shout summertime, but knit polo shirts are practically made for the fall. High-quality polo shirts will all come in those earth tones you’re embracing, and they’re easier to layer than ever before — especially our long sleeve polos.

Turtlenecks and Chunky Sweaters

It’s like wearing a blanket all day, even when you’re at work: meet the best turtlenecks and sweaters of the season. Fashion sweaters for men will have you looking the part whether you’re at work, out on a date, or at home with your kids. Try a crew neck sweater in burgundy or be your coziest, most fashionable self yet in a brown, dip-dye, wool turtleneck.

Slim-Fit Pants

The perfect complement to your new knitted sweaters for men and quality polo shirts? Slim-fit pants to get you through the season. Go for dark wash jeans, brown pants, and tasteful chinos. Remember earth tones and don’t be afraid of a good pair of pants in a color you wouldn’t normally wear.

Cozy Accessories

No outfit is complete without an accessory or two, especially if you’re talking men’s casual fall fashion.

Statement Beanies

Find the earth tone that speaks the most to you and go for it with your beanie. The brighter the better.

Corduroy Ballcaps

That classic ballcap you wore all summer isn’t going to cut it, but that classic ballcap with a cozy fall twist — corduroy — will turn heads.

Thick, Patterned Socks

As far as we’re concerned, cozy fall socks are one of the best reasons to look forward to fall. Stock up and look the part from your head to your toes.

Chelsea Boots

What fall goes by when Chelsea boots aren’t popular? Men’s casual fall fashion in 2018 is no exception.

Ready to look your best this fall? Stone Rose is your source for high-quality men’s dress shirts, polo shirts online, and all the best in casual fall fashion. Shop men’s fashion with us today and get ready for our huge Black Friday savings!
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