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Look Better Than Most In A Fitted Shirt — Even On Casual Friday

by Stone Rose |

 If you are working at a new office and they have a ‘Casual Friday’ policy, you may be wondering exactly what that means. The first thing you should know is that you are not alone. Plenty of people struggle to understand exactly what sort of outfit you should be wearing when this policy is in place. The good news? You’re already thinking about it. For some, the idea that they might be taking the ‘casual’ part a little too literally doesn’t inspire a bit of doubt in their minds. This lands them in a position of looking extremely unprofessional at the office, not to mention, it just makes them seem as though they do not care at all.

If you want to avoid getting this sort of reputation, it’s important that while you are dressing down, you aren’t dressing down too much. Continue reading below to learn more about what the dos and don’ts are of casual Fridays.

Even On Fridays You Need To Make A Good Impression

We are sure that by this point in your life, you have heard many times how often you get a chance to make a first impression. That’s right, it’s just once. There is no place that this is more true than in the workplace. Let’s talk about jobs that require you to meet with members of the public or your clients. Even on a Friday, it is unlikely that a person is going to take you seriously if you are wearing jeans and flip flops. Keeping this in mind, we would suggest that you don’t wear anything to the office that you wouldn’t want your company’s CEO to see you in.

Wardrobe Mistakes People Commonly Make

If you’re still a little unsure of what is appropriate and what isn’t, we intend to help. Below you can find the most common mistakes people make when they are dressing for work. It would be our advice that you avoid any of these clothing choices at all costs.

  • Never wear clothing that shows your underwear. Your pants should always be up around your waist and never hanging off your hips.
  • Never wear flip flops. The only time you should be caught in flip flops in when you are on the beach, at the pool or running out to the grocery store for something you forgot to buy for dinner.
  • Jeans can look nice but only if they are fitted and have no holes in them.
  • Never wear any sort of gym clothes to the office. This includes sweatpants.
  • Graphic t-shirts may have been fine to wear out and about when you were in college, however, this is no longer the case. Save those shirts for painting your house or going for a hike.

Friday I’m In Love

So what can you wear on Casual Friday? Honestly, you have plenty of options. If you want to remain casual while still owning any room that you enter, your best best would be to shop at Stone Rose. Try pairing some nice fitted jeans with a comfortable fitted shirt like our Men’s Royal Blue Micro Geo Button Up Shirt. Another option would be to wear something like our Men’s Mint Honeycomb Pique Polo, for some extra added comfort. If you are looking for comfort, luxury and a bit of casual elegance, shop Stone Rose today!

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