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It’s Wedding Season! Which Luxury Dress Shirt Are You Going To Wear?

 Even if you have an entire closet filled with luxury dress shirts and slacks, chances are you have a moment of hesitation when it comes to dressing for a wedding....

 Even if you have an entire closet filled with luxury dress shirts and slacks, chances are you have a moment of hesitation when it comes to dressing for a wedding. After all, someone close to you is tying the knot and you want to look nice on the day of their nuptials. On the other hand, there is never a surefire way to know whether you are going to be overdressed or underdressed. While what you wear will depend on the season and what the dress code on the invitation indicates, there are some golden rules to follow.

The first of these rules is to not try anything experimental where you outfit is concerned. While you may have been looking for the perfect place to wear that neon green blazer that you bought on sale, a wedding is not the right place to debut your new look. Being conservative in the way your dress will work out much better than if you decide to sport something flashy and out of your wheelhouse.

The second and final rule is this: don’t look better than the groom.

Casual Weddings

If you are attending a wedding that indicates on the invitation that dress should be casual, there are a couple of routes you can take where you ensemble is concerned. While some people would consider ‘casual’ to mean that you wear a t-shirt and jeans, let us assure you, this is not what the bride and groom intended. For a casual wedding, we would suggest that you wear a light jacket or sports coat, along with a pair of khakis and some loafers. Depending on the weather, you can decide whether or not the jacket is needed. We often recommend a colorful patterned dress shirt for casual weddings for adding a personal touch. Something like our Men’s Short Sleeve Pineapple Print Button Up Shirt or our Black Palm Tree Print Button Up Shirt would be perfect.

Dressy Casual Weddings

This sort of label on a wedding invitation is something we consider to be a fun joke that a bride and groom can play on their guests. After all, isn’t ‘dressy casual’ an oxymoron? Regardless, you are probably extra curious about what in the world you should wear to a wedding with this sort of dress code if you are expected to attend one. Our best advice? Go for the casual look we recommended above, but throw on a tie or a bowtie for good measure.

Dressy Weddings

If the wedding invitation indicated that the dress code is either cocktail attire or black tie, you’re going to have to step up your game a bit. If you are supposed to wear cocktail attire, we would suggest wearing a suit, equipped with a tie and a belt and shoes that match. On the other hand, if the wedding is black tie, a tuxedo may be your best bet.

Spring Weddings

Since there are flowers blooming everywhere you turn this season, wearing lighter colors like pastels is always a good idea when you are dressing for a spring wedding. If you are a bit hesitant about wearing something other than neutral colors, maybe add a touch of color with a light purple tie or even a brightly colored pocket square. On the other hand, if you are against color altogether, a classic navy suit is always a great choice when heading to a spring wedding.

Summer Weddings

If the majority of the weddings you are attending this year are going to be during the summer season, it’s likely that you want to look nice but you also don’t want to be burning up. Seeing as how the majority of summer weddings are outdoor ceremonies, you will probably want to forego wearing socks and long sleeves. If the wedding is indoors, a blue suit is again a solid choice.

Ready To Shop For Wedding Season?

If you are looking for luxury dress shirts to wear to the number of weddings you have to attend this season and next, check out our selection at Stone Rose online today. We have long sleeved and short sleeved dress shirts that you can pair with your favorite slacks to be the best dressed person at the wedding (well besides the bride and groom, of course).

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