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How To Wear A Polo With Style This Spring

One staple item that is likely in every man’s closet is, of course, the polo shirt. While it certainly is an article of clothing with quite the following, the polo...

One staple item that is likely in every man’s closet is, of course, the polo shirt. While it certainly is an article of clothing with quite the following, the polo shirt very rarely gets the recognition that it deserves. Perhaps this can be chalked up to the way the polo is mildly reminiscent of a uniform, whether it be of a pizza delivery driver or a private school student, or that it seems to be the go-to for those living out their days in a corporate office or at fraternity parties. Whatever the reason for the polo’s lackluster, we think this piece of clothing is more than meets the eye.

Truly, the polo shirt is the both of best worlds. Falling somewhere between a dress shirt and a t-shirt, polos allow for an outfit to be casual or more formal depending on what other articles it is paired with. This makes it the perfect choice for nearly every occasion you have to attend, apart from black tie affairs and the like. On the other hand, whether it be a barbecue in the middle of summer or a Thanksgiving gathering in the winter, a polo is a choice you can’t really go wrong with.

When it comes to everyday casual wear, the polo offers a number of benefits such as its breathable material and comfortable fit. It also comes with the ability to make you look as though you are putting in a lot of effort to your appearance when in all actuality, you just threw on a shirt and walked out the door. If you want to know how to wear a polo shirt the right way this spring, we have you covered. Continue reading below to get the best tips for polo-wear and to find the newest polos that we have added to our online collection at Stone Rose.

Polo Fabric

While wearing a polo shirt doesn’t require that you know a ton of technical details, there are a couple that will help you to determine which type you prefer, such as fabric. For the most part, there are two different types of fabrics that polo shirts are made in. These two types are natural and synthetic. Synthetic is often made from the performance blends, often used for athletic wear. They can also be made from cotton/poly blends that while they may look nice, are considerably less breathable and tend to look cheap. On the other hand, you have 100 percent cotton polos that offer you the ability to remain cool and comfortable while wearing your polo. These are the types of polos you will find in the Stone Rose online store and they can be grouped into two different fabrics: pique and jersey.


As the first fabric used for a polo, pique is knitted in a pattern that is woven leading to the material having a recognizable textured surface. While the fabric certainly does have some weight to it, the weave allows for the shirt to keep its breathability and resist showing if and when you sweat. Most often this fabric is considered to be a bit more formal than its counterpart, jersey, as it has a bit more structure and substance.


Alternatively, polos can also be made from jersey material. This is the same material you will often see used for t-shirts and has a soft and stretchy feel. These polos are often much lighter in weight than pique polos, making them less durable and much more likely to show any sweat you emit while wearing it. Due to its relaxed fit and the light weight of the material, these shirts are considered to be for more casual occasions.

Forget The Undershirt

Wearing an undershirt beneath all of your tops is likely relatively tempting, especially in the warmer months. However, a polo shirt is meant to be worn as a single layer clothing item. Wearing an undershirt is only going to lead to bulkiness that will make you uncomfortable and make your outfit look unflattering.

Don’t Pop The Collar

There was a fad that lasted a bit too long in our opinion, in which every person who wore a polo shirt felt the need to pop their collar. Thankfully this trend has finally died and the polo shirt is trendy again. Let us assure you, popping the collar on your polo shirt is a good idea absolutely zero percent of the time in case you were ever tempted.

Make Sure To Button AT LEAST One Button

If you are thinking about wearing your polo shirt with all of the buttons undone, we would encourage you to reconsider. Not buttoning any of the buttons on your polo just looks sloppy. We would recommend finding a happy medium. Try buttoning one or two of the buttons but resist the urge to button all of them as well.

Tuck or Untuck Depending On The Occasion

We aren’t really sticklers when it comes to tucking in polo shirts. It’s our opinion that some occasions call for a tucked in shirt and others do not. Plain and simple, make a judgment call. Just remember, tucking is for more formal occasions while leaving your shirt untucked is perfect for nearly every other occasion you attend.

Shop Polos At Stone Rose Right Now

It’s a fantastic time to shop polos at Stone Rose. We recently added a number of new styles in various colors when we launched our Spring 2018 Collection. Whether you are looking for a pastel polo to wear to a spring wedding or you simply need to update your office wear, Stone Rose has you covered. Check out our newest arrivals right now and pick your favorite!

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