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How To Stay Sophisticated Amidst The (Many) Layers Of Winter

As you bundle up before going ice skating, checking out downtown, or grabbing some hot cocoa on a date, there’s likely one thing on your mind: Do I look like...

As you bundle up before going ice skating, checking out downtown, or grabbing some hot cocoa on a date, there’s likely one thing on your mind: Do I look like Randy from “A Christmas Story”? “I can’t put my arms down!” you yell at yourself in the mirror.

Winter is coming, and there is, unfortunately, no way around it. Instead of bundling up so much that you actually can’t move your arms, though, you still want to rock sophisticated men’s clothing. How’s it done?

In today’s blog, we’re going to cover tips and tricks for sophisticated men’s clothing come wintertime. Whether you need men’s dress attire, want to buy men’s suits, or are looking for high-quality men’s dress shirts, Stone Rose has exactly what you need. Check out our new arrivals today — they’re sophisticated men’s clothing at its finest.

Find A Good Coat

There’s a difference between that several-years-old jacket and a nice coat or men’s winter dress jacket. Puffy jackets can sometimes be, well, too puffy to qualify as sophisticated men’s clothing. However, there are now plenty of nice coats out there that are not so high on the puffy ranking, but as good as you could imagine for warmth. Find one that you could dress up or down depending on the situation, and you’ll be set for winter formal wear and men’s casual winter fashion alike.

Embrace Sweater Weather

From turtlenecks to cardigans to crewneck sweaters, one of the best parts of winter is all the sweaters you can wear! Here at Stone Rose, we offer men’s fitted sweaters that will feel soft and comfortable all day — and all season — long. Nice sweaters for guys don’t have to be complicated. Find a few different colors and knits (like our honeycomb or heather knits), and your sophisticated men’s clothing is set.

Put A Scarf On It

Perhaps more commonly seen in European fashion, a scarf is the ultimate in both winter formal wear and men’s casual winter fashion! Look up different ways to wrap the scarf, and don’t be afraid of a bright, bold color to brighten up the dark days! A scarf takes winter outfits for guys to a sophisticated — and warm — level.

Gloves Are Non-Negotiable

As soon as winter comes along, you can’t afford to skip out on gloves. It doesn’t matter if you get them from a men’s clothing boutique or a big chain; what’s important is that you have them! Find a style you like and bask in the warmth — especially if you’re walking downtown on a date.

Whether it’s jackets and sweaters for men, stylish dress shirts, or men’s dress attire, Stone Rose has you covered. We offer quality men’s clothing all year-round, and hopefully today’s blog can help you feel a bit more sophisticated rather than frazzled this winter. Shop for sophisticated men’s clothing today — and get ready for your most fashionable, warm, cozy winter yet in stylish winter outfits for guys.
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