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How Any Man Can Dress With Confidence

Sometimes people you know get the memo before you. Have you ever noticed that all of a sudden one of your friends is suddenly dressing much better out of the...

Sometimes people you know get the memo before you. Have you ever noticed that all of a sudden one of your friends is suddenly dressing much better out of the blue? It’s likely that if you have, you’ve also noticed some other changes in them. For example, you probably can tell that they also tend to be exuding more confidence in light of their recent wardrobe upgrade.

For many men, dressing well isn’t exactly something they consider to be a priority. This isn’t to say that they are going to work in sweatpants and their favorite ratty t-shirt. But when it comes to putting together an actual ensemble, it seems to be a lot of work in comparison.

The funny thing? Most men notice that once they begin to dress better, their mood improves and their overall self-esteem skyrockets. How can you know if you’re dressing the part, however? Continue reading below to learn more.

Trousers and Shirt

Listen, we have absolutely nothing against a nice pair of jeans. In fact, a good pair of jeans can take your outfit from semi-casual to business-chic. With that said, stick with dark jeans that aren’t baggy. Light-colored jeans, especially when they are too big make you look shorter and larger than you actually are. It’s basically the equivalent of walking around in a funhouse mirror. Not exactly ideal.

When it comes to which shirt to wear, there aren’t nearly as many stipulations, at least where color is concerned. Your shirt should still be fitted, showing off your arms and chest. The great news is, no matter where you are heading, a button down is the perfect choice. Reserve those t shirts for Sundays at home on the couch and make sure to put some effort into which top you choose to wear when you are going anywhere you know you will see someone you know.

If you like to wear button up shirts but you constantly find that they are riddled with wrinkles, don’t worry. The easiest way to avoid your dress shirt becoming one wrinkled mess? Simply hang them as soon as they come out of the drier. This will allow for the wrinkles to fall out by the time you are ready to wear the shirt.


Layering is great way to really up your wardrobe game. Not only does it look great to add components to your base layer, but it also makes it look as though you put a lot more effort into your appearance, but in an effortless way. So what are your best layering options? We always say that every man need a good sports jacket. Why? This is a three-season essential, meaning you can wear it in every season by summer. What other clothing can you say that about? In the winter, you may also want to consider wearing a knit sweater over of your button up for an added touch of fashion and a tad more warmth.

The Final Touches

Additionally wardrobe pieces that can bring a touch a class to an already great outfit are pocket squares and cufflinks. While they may not be necessary for all occasions, the sophistication level of your ensemble will skyrocket when you add these accessories.

It’s Time To Shop Stone Rose

If you are ready to boost your confidence and your overall appearance, it’s time to shop the luxury collection of men’s clothing at Stone Rose. We have all the key components to take your wardrobe from drab to debonair. From button ups to cufflinks to pocket squares, you won’t have to stray far to find what your are looking to find. Start shopping today and completely change the way others see you as well as how you see yourself!

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