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Hacks To Wearing A Fitted Shirt In Any Scenario

While it may be to your dismay, the days of wearing cargo shorts and baggy t-shirts everywhere you go are long gone. Yes, these are the career days, the days...

While it may be to your dismay, the days of wearing cargo shorts and baggy t-shirts everywhere you go are long gone. Yes, these are the career days, the days in which every single outfit you put on says that you are large and in charge and ready to take on the world. Unfortunately, in between working hard, running errands and fulfilling personal obligations, there are bound to be some forces working against your fashion sense. For instance, your favorite Venti Americano is the perfect way to start your day, until you notice that you have three very distinct coffee stains on your white button down. Additionally, what do you do when your lucky shirt is wrinkled the day of an important meeting with your boss? Don’t worry, Stone Rose has all the tips and tricks to help you through these sticky situations so that you can sport your favorite fitted shirt no matter what.

Go Gray When Possible

Have you ever noticed when wearing a white button down that you can see your white undershirt plain as day through the top layer? While it may seem counterintuitive to wear any color other than white when you are sporting a crisp white fitted shirt, there actually is a better alternative. Wearing a light gray shirt as a second layer will make it much harder to see through the material as gray more closely mimics skin tone than white does. Don’t think it works? Give it a try!

Get Familiar With Collar Stays

As we age, we discover there are many tools we can use in order to solve problems that we may have previously never had. One of the things we hate to see the most of men who wear fitted shirts to work or out on the town is a wrinkled collar. Not only does this completely undo the look you are going for, but it just looks sloppy and shows apathy on your part. Stay sharp with collar stays. Simply stick these flat metal or plastic pieces in the slits on the underside of your collar when you hang up your shirts and never worry about a wrinkled collar again.

Surround Your Shirts With Cedar

While this isn’t a concern of some people, moths can cause major damage to your wardrobe should they have access to it. Rather than putting mothballs in your closet, use cedar hangers instead. Not only will the cedar repel moths but it will also absorb any moisture or bad odors. Your fitted shirts will also have a better overall shape when using a cedar hanger rather than a wire or plastic one.

Don’t Stress About Ink Stains

Chances are, you have always thought that getting an ink stain on any piece of clothing meant that it had reached the end of it’s life. This, however, is not the case. By mixing together a bit of vinegar, rubbing alcohol and salt, you can get that stain out in no time. Simply combine these ingredients in equal parts in a bowl, mix and dab the solution onto the stain. Leave on for at least five minutes, then cover the stain with table salt. Leave this salt on for another five minutes and then scrub with a clean toothpaste. Rinse with hot water and then put into the washing machine. Your fitted shirt will then be as good as new!

Get Rid Of Wrinkles Fast (Without An Iron)

While there are a couple of ways you can get rid of wrinkles without an iron. The first is to boil hot water in a pot, pour out the water and then use the bottom of the pan as as makeshift iron. You can also boil water in a tea kettle and use the steam that escapes to get rid of the wrinkles. Throwing your wrinkled shirt in the dryer with an ice cube is also a fast and easy way to make your fitted shirt look as though it has just been pressed.

Need To Start Your Fitted Shirts Collection Again?

If you haven’t been the kindest to your fitted shirts and you think it might be time to add some new ones to your wardrobe so that you can use these tricks and tips, it’s time to shop Stone Rose. We have a large collection of the finest men’s fitted shirts you will find online. Start shopping for your new favorite men’s button down today!

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