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Dress Up Thanksgiving Dinner 2022 With Your Own Sophisticated Style

by Stone Rose |

Pumpkin pie, stuffing, sweet potato casserole, and, of course, turkey are waiting for you to quickly devour them next week. Your crazy uncle, endless questions about your job, and drinking more than you probably should are also waiting for you next week. One of the best ways to handle the extreme stress and extreme fun of the holidays with family? Put your best foot forward with a stylish outfit — there’s no way the turkey will be the best dressed this year.

If you wear sophisticated men’s clothing to your Thanksgiving feast with family or to your Friendsgiving, you’ll be ready for every photo opp, look pulled together no matter how crazy work is, and feel your very best. In today’s blog, we’re going to cover four different ways to make it happen. (And don’t worry — we won’t judge if you end up taking out a notch or two on your belt.) Shop sophisticated men’s clothing from Stone Rose today.

Layer Up

Men’s fashion sweaters are one of the best items to have in your closet. Why, you ask? Well, nice sweaters for guys are two things: fashionable and comfortable. It’s the dynamic duo when it comes to sophisticated men’s clothing! Grab your favorite fitted shirt for men and wear it underneath a quality, knit sweater. You’ll look pulled together and fashionable for all of your extended family to see — but you’ll also be comfortable and warm.

Embrace Fall Colors

You wouldn’t wear a pastel or a bright neon to Thanksgiving — it’s just not right for men’s dress attire in fall. Instead, opt for warm, deep fall colors like burgundy, navy, forest green, black, brown, or gray, or even a lighter neutral like cream. You’ll match the event, the decor, everything! Your Instagram post will look just right because you match the setting. Both our fashion sweaters for men and our high-quality men’s dress shirts will come in all the right shades for this Thanksgiving.

Keep Warmer Items On Hand

There are a few reasons to go outside after your Thanksgiving feast: playing outside with younger cousins, taking a break from overbearing family, and walking off some of that pie all come to mind. Have your favorite scarf, gloves, beanie, and men’s winter dress jacket nearby just in case.

Wear Nice Pants — But Not Too Tight

Dark-wash jeans will turn up the drama of your outfit, but some dressy joggers or casual chinos could also do the trick! Don’t just focus on the top of your outfit — that’s the fashion equivalent of skipping leg day. What you wear on the bottom is just as important, though you’ll want to make sure not to wear your skinniest of skinny jeans — it is Thanksgiving, after all.

Find Sophisticated Men’s Clothing From Stone Rose

We have high-quality men’s clothing on lock. Whether you’re looking for quality dress shirts, a men’s black, knit sweater, or simply want to know more about men’s dress attire, you can count on us. Shop sophisticated men’s clothing today for Thanksgiving, and make sure to visit us again in time for Black Friday sales. Happy Thanksgiving next week!

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