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Being A Modern Day Gentleman

 In today’s day and age, there are very few men who can really tell you what a “gentleman” is per say. If you took a general survey, most men would...

 In today’s day and age, there are very few men who can really tell you what a “gentleman” is per say. If you took a general survey, most men would tell you that being a gentleman entails opening doors, paying for dinners, and always being polite and respectful to women. While we agree that these are some of the best ways a man can prove that he is a notch above the rest, there is much more that goes into being what people consider a gentleman to be today.

Let’s start from the very basics, however. According to Merriam-Webster, a gentleman is defined as:

  1. A man of noble or gentle birth;
  2. A man belonging to the landed gentry;
  3. A man who combines gentle birth or rank with chivalrous qualities;
  4. A man whose conduct conforms to a high standard of propriety or correct behavior

While that is all fine and good, the modern meaning of gentleman doesn’t really align exactly with any of those definitions. With that said, we think we have our own idea of what it means to be a gentleman at Stone Rose. Continue reading below to learn more.

Carrying Himself Well

A regular man knows how to behave when there are people around. A gentleman is full of grace and compassion at all times. In other words, he doesn’t need an audience to act in an appropriate way.

Being Honest

Listen- we know that telling the truth isn’t always the easiest thing a person has to do. Regardless, when you are a gentleman, you answer every question in a truthful way regardless of the consequences. A good man knows that his honor is dependent on whether or not people can trust his word and therefore, he will go out of his way to be transparent at every turn.

Being Chivalrous

This sort of circles back to what we were speaking on before. A gentleman has great respect for women. He understand that a woman is both equal and complementary to him, meaning that while she is capable of doing the same things he is, she is also apt to be better than him at certain tasks, that often most men are hesitant to try.

Taking Pride In His Character

A true gentleman takes pride in what other people think of him based off of his character. This means that at the end of each day, he may not be 100 percent confident he made every decision perfectly, but he knows he did the very best he could and that others also recognize that.

Dressing Appropriately For Any Occasion

Lastly, a gentleman knows how to present himself in a respectable way in regards to his appearance. This means he takes pride in his appearance and is always dressed well, regardless of the occasion he is attending.

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